Speedo Bus Routes

A wide range of Speedo Bus Routes is covering about every area of Lahore. This is such an amazing transportation service offered by the previous government in Lahore Pakistan. Primarily, Speedo Bus Routes in Lahore Pakistan are attached to the Metro bus stations. And, operating in those areas where the metro is not available. In simple words, this Bus service plays the role of pick and drop for the passengers of the METRO. No doubt, it’s the most beneficial conveyance for those who use local transport for the purpose of traveling.  Initially, its route was very selective; hopefully, the newly elected government will increase its route area.

Speedo Bus Routes:

  • The list of Speedo Bus Routes in Lahore Pakistan clearly shows the stations from where one will pick this bus and through this passenger will also get an idea that it will reach their destination or not. Furthermore, in the 1st phase, their route is consisting of 15 sub-routes that clearly show from the map.

Speedo Bus Routes Map:

The Speedo Bus Routes Map is showing below

  • Check Map

Routes List:

  • RT-02
  • RT-03
  • RT-04
  • RT-05
  • RT-06
  • RT-07
  • RT-08
  • RT-09
  • RT-10
  • RT-11
  • RT-12
  • RT-13
  • RT-14
  • RT-15
  • RT-16
  • RT-17
  • RT-18
  • RT-19

Speedo Bus Routes Lahore:

Those who are not able to understand the map can check out the Speedo Bus Routes in Lahore List that cover the route from stop to stop station. So, make sure to follow it and travel freely within the premises of Lahore.

Must note down it:

  • List of Stations

Phase 2 of Speedo Bus Routes in Lahore Pakistan is also in pipeline that will hopefully start operating in the upcoming few months. Surely, it will play a role in enhancing its network.

the name of station

Hopefully, this new route will cover the entire city. Most expectedly their exact plan will showcase soon. Surely, most of Pakistani are depending on local services, so this is the only source that they can move from one place to another. The success of Speedo Bus Routes shows it clearly that this is the basic need of this city. And even there is a need to spread its network more. Because with every coming year or even in q new month the need for govt transportation is increased more and their solution is only possible with this type of bus or transport.

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