What is GCC Report for Dubai Visa in Pakistan?

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    Following the directions of UAE govt, now a good character certificate is an essential document for those who want to get a work visa of this country. But most of Pakistani does not know that What is GCC report for Dubai Visa in Pakistan? Basically, this is like a clearance certificate from the motherland country of an individual who is seeking to do some work or job in UAE. Furthermore, the major purpose of this certificate is to get the clearance of a person from the police that he was not involved in illegal activates. As this country obey the law strictly, so it’s important that one will follow a proper way to get the GCC Report.

    What is GCC Report for Dubai Visa?

    In Pakistan, the GCC Report for Dubai Visa is a document which proves that you were not part of any criminal or illegal action in Motherland County. In simple words, this is an innocence certificate.

    How to Get GCC Report in Pakistan?

    To get a GCC Report, it’s necessary that one follow a few essential steps. Among them, the very first one is that

    • Get a clearance certificate from your native police station in Pakistan.
    • After getting this certificate, it’s compulsory that one will attest it from the ministry of foreign affairs.

    After the completion of these two major steps, the attestation of this certificate from the UAE embassy in Pakistan is also mandatory for those who are applying for the work permit or visa from Pakistan.

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    Meanwhile, if the person is already in UAE or Dubai on Visit Visa and wants to get a work visa then he can re-attest this certificate from the Pakistan embassy situated in UAE. Then, from there you can get a further guideline. Hopefully, after this detail discussion, one will understand that what is GCC Report for Dubai Visa in Pakistan? Furthermore, follow the steps and get it from Pakistan.

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