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    In Pakistan, especially in Karachi, there has been a trend toward indoor entertainment parks. There has been a recent opening of Onederland in Lucky One Mall and everyone has been asking about how much Onederland Karachi ticket price 2024. A very unique interior theme and a wide range of rides is offered in Onederland at the moment. Additionally, the prices for each ride are different. However, they offer special discounts and offers for families during the weekends, so make sure you check that out. Further, Onederland Karachi ticket price 2024 has many fun possibilities that cover entry and many of rides.

    Onederland Karachi Ticket Price 2024

    As of now, Onederland has added around 15 rides and 89 games. Within a few days, the number of rides and games will increase even more. There is a fee for entry of family but it depends on the ride. Even, one can make possible of entry with purchasing these taps.

    An offer of 5,500 Rupees for the 110 tap is presenting at the moment

    You need to buy card or taps before you can enter the park.

    • 20 TAPS: In 1500 Rupees
    • 45 TAPS: 3,000 Rupees
    • 70 TAPS: Approx. 4,000 Rupees
    • 100 TAPS: Almost, 5,000 Rupees
    • 120 TAPS: 6,000 Rupees

    Onederland Lucky One Mall Ticket Prices 2024:

    This is one of the most reasonable offers and everyone can easily buy the tickets and can have fun at Onederland Lucky. Children can do many different things as part of their learning process.

    • Entry in the Onderland Lucky One mall is free of cost. Oh, this is so exciting.

    Best of Onederland Karachi in Lucky One Mall

    Onederland Karachi Card Price 2024:

    As a result of the introduction of the entry card from the administration of Onederland, the loyal clients of the company are given a lot of benefits through this card. In the meantime, there are different card prices and they are listed above in the table. Onederland card is available at a price of 1500 rupees at the moment.

    • Starting price of the Onederland card is 1500 Rupees.

    Onederland Karachi Packages:

    Among the many packages and discounts that Onederland Karachi Park offers, one of the most popular is a Birthday Package. Furthermore, Onederland gives you some credit as a bonus when you buy a package, which you can use to buy another package.

    Package Price Credit Bonus
    1st Package 2,000 199
    2nd Package 3,000 499
    3rd Package 4,000 699
    4th Package 5,000 999

    Onederland Karachi Birthday Package

    Yes, the birthday packages here have become popular among people who celebrate their children’s birthdays. The following is a list of all the packages they offer. Further, the official webpage of the company does not have an update on the birthday package.

    • Onederland Birthday Package updates soon.

    Onederland Karachi Timing

    Before the visit must check the Onederland park timing which is mentioned below.

    Monday to Thursday 12:00 PM to till 11:00 PM
    Friday 02:00 PM to till 12:00 AM
    Saturday 11:00 AM to till 12:00 AM
    Sunday 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

    Onederland Karachi Contact Number

    The contact detail of the management given in the table and if you want to get more info then contact these numbers.

    Number is 021 36377126

    So far, we tried to highlight the Onederland Karachi ticket price 2024 above with as much elaboration as possible. They also worked on the safety measures of all rides. This is also useful for kids that they remains safe during their stay.

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