Sunway Lagoon Water Park Karachi Ticket Price 2024

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    Hopefully, Sunway Lagoon water park Karachi ticket price 2024 will close to the last summer season. It is an equally perfect entertaining place for families and kids. It’s built in the district of Gharo. Surely, this is a spacious place for the people of Sindh province. Because it’s packed with adventurous looking water slides, you will love its mega swimming area. Furthermore, it comprises attractive wild dance floor, swimming pools for kids, water channels, central polls, ladies pools, (free fall, raft slides as well as the spiral) pools.

    For refreshment of the small child; tube shops, playland area, toddler pools, water playhouse are also in it.


    • You can visit this Sunway Lagoon Water Park from Monday till Sunday.
    • It is from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm that this entertaining attraction remains open.
    • Saturday is dedicated to families.

    Sunway Lagoon Water Park Karachi Ticket Price 2024:

    With compare to facilities, Sunway Lagoon Water Park Karachi ticket price 2024 is justifiable but for more then one person or for complete families it cost good.

    For men’s, the entry fees are

    • 1,500 Rupees (From Mon to Thur)
    • 17,00 Rupees ( Valid from Friday to Sunday)
    • The same tickets in 1,500 are for the children( of age more than 3 years)

    Special Discount:

    For school outings, it is an ideal place for the kids. Here you will enjoy a lot because this place is encompassed with some amazing rides and the fantastic number of facilities. This park offers a special rate and discounts to schools and colleges students.

    • That is 800 Rupees (But this offer is valid for the at least students’ strength of 40 students)

    Their are also few reason to go to these places too.

    Why Visit Sunway Lagoon Water Park?

    • This attraction is best if one wants to consider it for outings. If you will visit this waterpark, then you should be on their rafting slides. These slides will make your water park trip more amazing and adventurous. These rafting slides will give you a winding and twisting experience.
    • Another option named Wild Venture Water Park is also good to visit.

    Contact Number:

    Right now, 0316-2288282 is the Sunway Lagoon Water Park Karachi phone number, where one will contact them.

    Family Day:

    • Saturday is the only family day in Sunway Lagoon Water Park Karachi.

    the best place

    Famous Attractions in Sunway Lagoon Water Park

    • It is their ocean lagoon attraction which has captured maximum attention from the visitors. This part is equipped with the latest wave machine, that is capable of making different waves.
    • Then their kidz mania section is another highlighted attraction of this place. This is a great and fun place. In this kidz mania section, you can have a water fight and much more.
    • Then their Wet N’ Wild Dance floor is quite loved by the visitors. On this floor, you can dance in the presence of water.

    One of their craziest slides is this double raft water slide. You will have the scariest experience on this double raft water slide, don’t worry it’s safe. So if you will want to hit some funniest site then this is the fine option. Those who can afford the Sunway Lagoon Water park Karachi ticket price 2024 will set out the next visit and it’s worth the money that you paid for the entrance and other facilities too.

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