Phoenix Battery Price List 2021 in Pakistan

Normally, every vehicle is starting up with the help of battery and phoenix battery price list 2021 in Pakistan are giving outstanding backup to the machine in the normal range prices. In the market, thousands of companies have introduced different technological bases energy gadgets but no anyone success in the market. Then this brand launches some various model of batteries with Japanese technology and get a good result from the market. Now, this company has designed different kits for different vehicles because some used small kits in the car and some people use it for trucks and other heavy transport. Yes, these power devices are using with U.P.S and solar systems for backup in different offices due to a shortage of electricity. Now, the phoenix battery price list 2021 in Pakistan has updated by the side of the company for the guidance of customers.

Phoenix Battery Price List 2021:

  • A revised phoenix battery price list 2021 shows that their rates are fair enough from their competitors. People could easily compare all prices with other brands that are working in a market. some shop man selling at high prices because the demand has increased in these goods.  now all rates are written with detail.

Phoenix Tubular Battery Price in Pakistan 2021:

  • This organization has launched a new technology base tubular battery with affordable prices in Pakistan. People can easily charge this product through solar power and depend on flat plates as compared to other batteries. Moreover, the table of Phoenix Tubular Battery price in Pakistan 2021 shows that they are not much expensive.

Model Plates Amperes Voltage Price
Phoenix Tubular Battery TX600 5 60 12 11,000
Phoenix Tubular Battery TX700 5 70 12 12,000
Phoenix Tubular Battery TX1000 5 110 12 16,000
Phoenix Tubular Battery TX1100 12 125 12 18,000
Phoenix Tubular Battery TX1600 5 185 12 24,000
Phoenix Tubular Battery TX1400 9 175 12 25,000
Phoenix Tubular Battery TX1700 5 160 No 27,000
Phoenix Tubular Battery TX1800 7 230 12 28,000
Phoenix Tubular Battery TX2200 9 260 No 35,000

All specification of tubular battery who has launched recently by phoenix company for the facilitation of customers is mention in the table. After installation, hopefully, people will feel satisfied with the power of supply.

Phoenix Dry Battery Price in Pakistan 2021:

  • People are worried about battery water because sometimes we do not focus on acid then the power supply disturbs badly. But now, a phoenix is giving dry batteries to the customers and water is not necessary. In addition, some local batteries are selling in the market through local dealers on different prices but if you want to buy and know a genuine rate then all contact about Phoenix Dry battery price in Pakistan 2021 is given in this content.

Cell No. +92(021)36881827
Email Address. [email protected]
Location. B-35 & 36, S.I.T.E., Super Highway, Karachi-Pakistan
Phoenix Battery other Models Price Chart:
  • All other models that are normally used in the market are almost covered in the given table. So, one will select one from them.
Battery Size Amperes Plates Rate
Phoenix XP 45L 30AH 9 RS.3,600
Phoenix CNG 50 34 09 RS.4,000
Phoenix CNG 60 44 11 RS. 5,200
Phoenix XP 80 60 11 RS. 6,000
Phoenix XP 88L 72 13 RS. 6,500
Phoenix XP 100 70 11 RS. 7,000
Phoenix XP 105R 75 13 RS. 7,300
Phoenix XP 110R 80 15 RS. 8,000
Phoenix XP 145 105 19 RS. 10,800
Phoenix XP 160R 108 19 RS. 11,700
Phoenix XP 185 120 23 RS. 13,000
Phoenix XP 205 145 25 RS. 16,300
Phoenix XP 220 160 27 RS. 17,000
Phoenix UGS 50 34 9 RS. 3,463
Phoenix UGS 90 60 11 RS. 5,265
Phoenix UGS 125 80 15 RS. 7,780
Phoenix UGS 140 105 17 RS. 8,658
Phoenix UGS 175 132 21 RS. 11,800
Phoenix UGS 215 168 25 RS. 16,800
Phoenix XP 50L 34 9 RS. 4,100
Phoenix XP 55L 38 11 RS. 4,700
Phoenix XP 65 56 13 RS. 5,700
Phoenix XP 70R 50 9 RS. 5,000
Phoenix EXT 125 85 15 RS. 8,800
Phoenix EXT 130 90 17 RS. 9,500
Phoenix XP 135 100 17 RS. 10,000

Qualities of phoenix battery price list 2021 in Pakistan are clearly given with complete information of amperes, plates, and prices. If people want to generate more queries about the quality and backup of the batteries, then they can concern near the outlet of this brand.

phoenix battery price

Phoenix Battery Dealer in Multan:

  • These brands have built authorized franchises in different cities of Pakistan while phoenix battery dealers in Multan also establish from when this company started the operation. Now people can concern about more information.
Officer Name Habib Niazi
Contact # +92(61)6772725
Address Shah Rukn-e-Alam Colony, Multan

 Phoenix Battery Dealers in Karachi:

  • This brand is giving warranty on every model of battery because if any issue appears during working people can easily complain through customer care to the company for a replacement. So, one company office is available in Karachi and address also given below the table.
Officer Name Baddar
Contact # +92(21)36881753, 36881827
Address Super Highway, Karachi

Phoenix Battery Dealer in Lahore:

  • Lahore is the main point for business people because mostly cargoes going from this city to other cities then owners of heavy duties like trucks and other loaders are preferred those brands that support in a difficult situation. Then people recommend phoenix batteries that are running for a long time and also franchise is established in this city.
Officer Name Imran Ahmed
Contact # +92(42)37495780, 37495781
Address Liaquat Chowk, Sabzazar Village, Lahore.

Phoenix Battery Dealer in Peshawar:

  • The detail of the dealers is given on the Peshawar branch while people can easily do confirmation on these numbers that are mention below.
Officer Name Suliman Ahmed
Contact # +92(91)5704973
Address University Road, Tehkal Payan, Peshawar

Phoenix Battery Dealers in Hyderabad:

  • Quality is very matter in every business and phoenix battery dealers in Hyderabad are distributing many products with new technology.
Officer Name Adeel
Contact # Main Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz, Latifabad, Hyderabad
Address +92(22)3405524

Some other items are under pipeline who base on several technologies for clients that are purchasing. Every year, the phoenix battery price list 2021 in Pakistan have introduced by this group because prices change according to models and technology.

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