Pak Army Captain Salary 2018 Pay Scale Rank

As per hierarchy, this is the strongest position belongs to BPS -17 Pay Scale in Pakistan Army. Under this section, we have one-star rank which is given to 2nd Lieutenant. Then we have two-star pay scale rank which is given to the post of Lieutenant. Three stars are given to Captain Post. In this review, the details of Pak Army Captain salary 2018 pay scale and rank is listing below. For the information, Pak army is the only ground-based branch which works for the defense of its country. The post of Captain is actually ranked right above the post of the first lieutenant and it falls below the post of a Major. It is the main duty been performed by the Captain post to follow up the orders which came from the battalion headquarters. He has to ensure that these orders are meeting up fully. Most of the time, the promotion of this post is possible after serving for 4.5 years as a captain.

He is the one who should know the whereabouts of his team. Not sure, but probably under his team, normally 32 soldiers come. It is a challenging job during the times of conflict. The Captain has to be the best decision maker and his decisions should be of best interested in keeping in mind his team considerations.

Pak Army Captain Salary 2018:

  • Range in between (45 thousand to 60 Thousand) Depend on the seniority

Pakistan Army Captain Pay Scale:

  • 17

Pakistan Army Captain Rank:

  • OF-2( Not Sure)

the very best


This officer receives suitable facilities from their department. Free accommodation and medical facility are given to them. Apart from the figures of their basic salary, mess allowance and other small benefits are included in their salary section too. Their basic salaries are revised on the yearly and bi-yearly basis. Normally, the department of Pakistan army does not disclose their officer’s pays, that’s why this is unauthentic info collecting from different online sources. Its also an actuality that most of the people think much more about this post. But the reality is that this pay amount and benefits are noting for their sacrifices and work.

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