Nokia 105 Price Specs And Release Date In Pakistan

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    Here we will discuss Nokia 105 price specs and release date in Pakistan. But firstly, we would like to discuss the brief introduction of Nokia. As we know that Nokia is considered to be most well known and popular mobile company in Pakistan. Every year, Nokia introduced many mobile phones for the customers. The main reason for the increasing and rapid popularity of Nokia is that this mobile company introduces mobile phones in different price range. So that mobile lovers can easily buy them. In this post, we will discuss the specifications and price details of latest mobile phone by Nokia i-e Nokia 105.

    Nokia 105 Price Specs And Release Date In Pakistan

    Nokia 105 price specs and Release date In Pakistan 001

    Firstly, we would like to discuss the main and important specifications of Nokia 105. The main and significant specifications are as follows:

    1. The most important specification is that Nokia 105 has 1.45 inch of display.
    2. It is available in two colors such as black and cyan.
    3. If we talk about specifications of any mobile phone then hardware specifications holds great importance. The hardware of Nokia 105 includes certain specifications such as height is 4.21 inches, width is 1.76 inches, weight is 0.15 pounds and thickness is 0.56 inches. These are considered to be important hardware specifications for any mobile.
    4. Moreover, we would like to mention that the display size of this mobile phone is 1.45 inches.
    5. If we talk about connectivity then Nokia 105 has the connectivity of GSM frequencies supported.
    6. Furthermore, the storage memory of Nokia 105 has 8 MB of internal memory.
    7. Lastly, the battery specification is very important for any type of mobile. The battery capacity of Nokia 105 is 800 mAh.

    Price Of Nokia 105 In Pakistan:

    We would like to mention that the release date of Nokia 105 has still not yet announced. But for our readers, we would like to mention that the price of Nokia 105 is $ 20.

    In the final conclusion, we can say that these are considered to be important and main specifications of Nokia 105. If any person wants to buy latest Nokia mobile phone then he should consider buying Nokia 105 because it offers latest features and specifications. We hope that all mobile lovers will definitely like the specifications and features of Nokia 105. So just visit your nearest mobile shop for buying Nokia 105.

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