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Baldiyati Election Results Punjab 2015 Party Position PMLN PTI Seats

Posted by hasnain sial
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    Now as 31 October 2015 is come polling day is held for phase 1 of Baldiyati Election in Punjab, candidate of every party just tries their level best to get results in their favor. So position of every party comes clear after the polling day. This time original competition will expect between PMLN and PTI candidates, so both of these parties fight to get greater number of seats. Although candidates of other parties are also in ground but these two are major competitors. This election is tougher than any other, because every candidate will go to every door step to get vote. He also promise to do work in his area, so if he win then his voters must meet him to remember all thing that he will aim to do.

    Before conduction of this election number of people predicts that may be they are going late. But now thing has done according to announced schedule, according to this number of districts are nominating their representative.

    After selection of members major rights are transferred from upper to lower level. After which budget is also transfer to ground. It’s not easy to meet MPA or MNA to discuss local issue, because they have not enough time to work on every area. So in this whole situation these selected candidates must provide a platform to discuss all these issue to the provincial and federal selected candidates.

    District Wise:


    Number of Seats List:

    • PMLN:
    • PTI:
    • PMLQ:
    • PPPP:
    • Jame te Islami:

    Party Position:

    Right now if one gives a rough prediction that PMLN looks to get greater number of seats. Because they are in role so voter always prefer to the party in role. They has all right on government machinery so they also cash it.

    While this time second one is PTI because they are genuine opposition in Punjab now. Chairman of this party has huge number of followers in this province who are always ready for his call. So this baldiyati election results in Punjab 2015 must very interesting, because may PTI gives a big upset and get greater number of seats.

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