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    In this post, we will discuss latest news that Zong reach corporate bulk sms service. Once again, Zong has reached bulk sms service for the Zong customers. Zong along with other popular cellular companies face tough competition from other mobile network companies and because of this reason Zong introduced another attractive and exciting offer in the form of bulk sms service. According to this mobile network company, Zong customers can easily send and manage their messages on any of their mobile phone number in the whole Pakistan. Zong customers can avail this offer by just spending Rs: 10 paisa per sms. Before using this offer, Zong customers should know about the important features about this offer. The main and important features of Zong bulk sms service are as follows:

    Zong Reach Corporate Bulk Sms Service

    Zong Reach Corporate Bulk Sms Service  001

    • The most important feature of this offer is that Zong customer can easily make the new groups by allowing the service of inter group messaging and message transfer.
    • The second important feature of this offer is that customer can easily rename the existing group and he can also check all the groups.
    • The third feature is that Zong customer can check all his group members and also edit the group members.
    • Moreover, the service of SMS language is available in different languages such as English, Urdu and Chinese.
    • Furthermore, Zong customer can also create different message templates and he can also check his SMS account status.
    • By using this offer, Zong customer can easily buy the new quote of SMS from his portal.
    • In additionally, customer can also choose the network that completely based on the success ration.
    • By using this offer, customer can also enjoy the support of multi languages like Chinese and Urdu.

    These are considered to be important and main features of Zong offer. In order to know the pricing of this offer, we would like to mention that customer should spend Rs: 0.10 plus tax per SMS along with the minimum purchase of 100,000 messages. On the other hand, for the activation of this offer, Zong customer should contact Zong Corporate Sales Team for the activation of Zong bulk SMS services.

    So all Zong customers should avail this offer for using the Bulk SMS service. Bu using this offer, Zong customers can happily enjoy unlimited messages. So don’t waste the time and activate this offer. Because this bulk sms service is the best and affordable service by Zong.

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