Google Student Ambassadors for Pakistan 2024 Finalize From LUMS

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    Now Google Student Ambassadors for Pakistan 2024 Finalize From LUMS, NUST, FAST, GCU and Virtual University VU. In first session of ambassador’s selection they finalize these names that belong to top Pakistan universities. These students select after fulfilling the whole criteria that they announce before selection. Through this program students get chance to learn innovative work, they get chance to attend various seminars in which students ambassadors of other countries also participates. In these seminars senior persons of Google team also try to participate. So these sharing also play an important role in polishing their capabilities. They also share their technical capabilities with other and try to give those ideas that are beneficial for Google in future. They also point out those portions in which still an option of betterment is available. It will accept that this step is fruitful for both students as well as for Google.

    Google Student Ambassadors for Pakistan 2024 Finalize From LUMS

    Google Student Ambassadors for Pakistan 2024 Finalize From LUMS

    In the selection of these Google Student Ambassadors for Pakistan their team receives applications from a period of time. For this candidates submit their application from whole over the Pakistan. They conduct interview and test after which they give final shape and select 9 members’ team. This team visits various countries in which they share their ideas and meet with other officials. According to an Google announcement these type of activates will help students to improve their professional development, leadership, and communication skills.

    While they also get favor in pointing their weak points in quite good and technical way. They also get better know how about the culture of universities of Pakistan that in which they use their searching platform. For this they start this type of activities in whole they world and select their ambassadors from whole over World. In this session they finalize their names from Pakistan and in future this procedure will repeat in whole over the world.

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