Homage generator in Pakistan prices, with Automatic Transfer system

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    Now due to energy crisis in Pakistan demands of generator going higher. Among these Homage generator in Pakistan is best one among top companies. From here you can find Homage generator in Pakistan prices, with Automatic Transfer system (ATS). This is one latest technology that introduce in these generators. They had done a lot of improvements in these generators with 4 stroke single cylinder. Three different model are introduced according to different usage. So now the persons who have not too much usage can take benefit from it. They also increase the fuel tank because now in Pakistan no one knows about load shedding duration. The most important thing is that you can also use it through gas.  Gas is only thing whose price is quite low then other energy source its main reason is that it will produce in Pakistan. But now gas short fall also started and it’s necessary that latest technology is used in petrol system that makes it possible that petrol consumption of generator is also good. We try to update the whole aspects of these generators so keep in touch with this page.

    Homage generator in Pakistan prices, with Automatic Transfer system

    Homage generator in Pakistan prices, with Automatic Transfer system

    Homage generator in Pakistan prices, with Automatic Transfer system is given there…

    Now according its usage three models are introduced known as Homage 2.5KVA generator, Homage 5KVA generator and Homage 6KVA generator. Further details of these generators are given as below.

    Homage 2.5KVA generator:

    These generators are designed for giving maximum output of 2.5 KW. According its output and size 15 liter petrol tank is introduced in it. It is petrol as well as gas supported and according to its size its easily possible to shift it from one position to another. A built-in maintenance free 18Amp battery is also introduced in it.


    They also take care of its price. Initially company announces 38000 Homage 2.5 KW generator price in Pakistan.

    Homage 5KVA generator:

    Maximum output of this generator is 5 KW. Basically it will design for those clients whose user is not too much high and not too much low. In this generator they increase fuel tank up to 25 liters. It will also support as well as gas. This is one best generator for a small institute. These generators are also introduced in ATS technology and through this improvement they are more environmental friendly and load is also overcome through this technology.


    Price of Homage 5KVA generator is only 74000 in Pakistan. In this range of price it’s a best option for this type of usage. Price of 5KVA generator with ATS is only 80700 in Pakistan that is quite high due to latest technology.

    Homage 6KVA generator:
     This generator is designed to give a maximum output of 6 KW. This generator is designed for quite huge usage. Due to this they introduced a big fuel tank of 31 liter. A problem that arises in these types of generators is its high noise. But due to latest technology they make it a low noise generator. While they also use ATS technology in these generators and by using it their output power also increased to 6.2 KW. And they also become more efficient with this improvement.


    Price of Homage 6KVA generator is announced as Rs. 84,000. This is reasonable price according to specifications of this generator. While Homage 6KVA generator in which ATS technology is used is only 90500. In short prices of Homage generator in Pakistan with Automatic Transfer system is reasonable. So must take benefit from it.

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