How to Perform Tahajjud Prayer in Islam Offer Namaz Step by Step Method

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    Here is the method to perform tahajjud prayer at midnight, make sure you have taken a sound sleep after the Ishah prayer and have to wake up before the Fajr prayer. It is reported that this prayer is not offered with the obligatory prayers i.e. during the Fajr time and Ishah prayer. Tahajjud prayer should be offered at 3rd half of night of midnight i.e. in between the Fajr prayer and Ishah prayer.

    When you woke up at midnight, firstly you have to perform Wudu in the same way as you use to do for the obligatory prayers. Always remember, before offering any prayer performing Wudu is compulsory. After you Wudu find a clean place to offer Tahajjud namaz, take a clean prayer mat (Jay- Namaz) and put the prayer mat in the direction of Kabah.

    Now stand on the prayer mat and make a niyyah to offer tahajjud prayer with pure intention and pure mind. Now start offering two raka’at of Tahajjud in the same way as you perform for the Fajr prayer just one difference is that this prayer is offered with the intention of Tahajjud. At the end make salam and make dua from Allah in pure and beautiful words.

    It is not compulsory to perform just two raka’at of Thajjud, you have to offer at least two raka’at of this prayer it’s mean you can offer more than the two raka’at upto 12. May Allah help us to perform Tahajjud to become a good Muslim.

    The word tahajjud is derived from a word “Hajjada” which means “waking up at night”. Tahajjud is not a compulsory prayer but many good Muslims thought it as an obligatory prayer and perform it with full devotion, as it is the best opportunity to seek redemption from Allah. Offering tahajjud is the quality of pious people as Allah has declared and it is the best source to earn mercy at the Day of Judgment as reported in Quran (25:64)

    prayer Being a Muslim it is our duty to perform Tahajjud prayer regularly and make it our routine, as there are number of benefits and blessings of performing this prayer. First and foremost benefit of Tahajjud prayer is that people ask for forgiveness at night. As Allah has promised to bestow and shower his mercy at that time and it is reported that this the best time when prayers are answered. We can also remove our anxieties by performing the Tahajjud prayer regularly. This is beneficial for those who are under the stress and have depression; this prayer helps to expel the negative feelings and thoughts from the body. Moreover from Allah huge incentives are given to those who wake up at night and call him privately.

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