How To Subscribe Jazz SMS Packages, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Do you want to know that how to subscribe Jazz SMS packages, daily, weekly and monthly? Do you want to take fun from the constant messages and SMS fun? Well all your answers are yes then just wear up your glasses because here we are going to highlight some of the most known and prominent details of Jazz SMS packages on the terms of monthly, weekly and daily basis and their activation method as well.

How To Subscribe Jazz SMS Packages, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

How To Subscribe Jazz SMS Packages, Daily, Weekly, Monthly 001

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  • Jazz daily SMS package is just survived for one whole day that offers the customers with 150 free messages.
  • The activation cost of this package is Rs 1.5.
  • The package is filled with the limited time period as after 12 hours the package will get over and the customer has to activate the package for the next whole day one more time.
  • For getting subscribed with this offer just dial *106*1#.
  • If you want to get in-activated with the package just dial *106*4#.

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  • In this second Jazz SMS package of daily use, the customer will get maximum 500 messages bundle for one whole day.
  • The charges of the activation will be Rs. 3.99 plus tax.
  • After 12 hours, the package will get closed and the users have to get subscribe one more time for using the SMS package.
  • For activation of Jazz Daily SMS package dial *101*3*01#.
  • If you want to get unsubscribed at any item just dial *101*3*01#.
  • If you want to get details about your used SMS numbers then you can dial

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  • Jazz weekly bundle SMS package has been one of the top famous messages package amongst the customers. This package allows the Jazz customers to take fun from constant 1,200 bundles of messages for one whole week.
  • For activation the users can dial *101*3*07#.
  • The activation charges will be Rs. 6.00 plus tax.
  • For getting free information about the used SMS just dial *101*2#.

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  • In monthly SMS package the customers can take amazing fun from 8,000 messages for the whole one month.
  • The activation charges of this package will be Rs 80 plus tax.
  • For getting subscribed with this package just dial *101*3*02#.
  • For getting all the queries answers about the SMS utilization just dial *101*2#.

So all the Jazz customers just start using all such packages now and we are sure that you will fall in love with texting your friends and closed ones. HAVE FUN…..


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