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    Education is the backbone of national development and provides the path for progress. In Pakistan there are two types of educational institutions. Private education system is more advance and stable as compared to government education system. The standard of private education is more superior than government. Because in private schools a proper check and balance system is present for teachers as well as for students. Most of private education system is on the basis of British education system. So this gives a better opportunity of standard education to people of Pakistan.

    All the students of private institutes are able to read, speak and write English well so that they have ability to understand and communicate foreigners because English is an international language. And student can search any topic from other books which have been translated in English.

    In government institutes the level of education is no satisfactorily. Carelessness and irresponsibility is on its peak. The education can only be improved usually in government institutions if the research laboratories are provided. Technical education must be given to all the classes in all institutions.

    The teachers which have more than 20 years teaching service should be retired and new young teachers having modern education should be appointed because old teachers especially in rural areas have no idea of English and science. And in backward areas like in villages educational institutions should focus on education because more than 70% of our country belongs of villages. If govt will not pay equal intention in rural areas then maximum related population will be illiterate. Those people who are not ready to educate their children still, they should be discouraged.

    Examination System is a big issue in Pakistan. Some students having good presentation and good hand writing get good marks with small effort which is drawback of examination system. A proper system of paper marking should be introduced.

     “How to Improve Education System in Pakistan


    Workshops should be held to train the teachers. In this way the teaching methods will improve. First of all teachers should be responsible and then parents should contribute with teachers in this struggle. Teachers should motivate students for education. Special competitions of debates, speeches, dramas, essay writing and sports should be arranged for students. In each institution testing system should be inaugurated.

    Educational funds should be increased. Free books should be provided for poor students. Scholarships should be given to students so that their interest will increase. And scholarships should also be given to hardworking students to get education in foreign countries.

    There should be equality in education of both (male and female). Education should be equal for poor and rich so that both will be able to get education in the same institute by the same teachers. So that the poor can avail equal chances of progress.

    There should be a separate department which set the syllabus according to the education system in developed countries. The syllabus should be same in all private and government institutions of all provinces. English and other authentic books should be translated into Urdu.

    This is all difference between Private vs Government along with some tips that how to improve education system in Pakistan. One thing which is the base for the progress not only in education but in all departments is sense of responsibility. If a teacher and parents will be responsible then they will do their best to teach the children and if students will be responsible then they will work hard enough to put this country in the list of developed countries.

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