Ufone Prepaid Packages For Call, SMS And Internet

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    Do you want to get details about Ufone prepaid packages for call, SMS and internet? Well if yes then you have to read this article because in this article we are sharing the complete detailed facts regarding the Ufone calls, internet and messages packages for their beloved Ufone prepaid customers. There is no doubt about it that Ufone has just arrived within the market for granting the feel of easiness and much comfort for making the less rate of calls, messages and using the internet at point of time. Well it is just because of its packages that today Ufone has earned millions of fans over the whole Pakistan. Now without wasting any more time frame let’s have a look at some of the details of packages.

    Ufone Prepaid Packages For Call, SMS And Internet

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    In the very first beginning we will talk about all the packages in Ufone that offer the less calling rates.

    • Tension Free Package:

    This offer allows the customers to make the calls without any tension of high rates to all the mobile networks at the cost of Rs. 1.20 per minute. Within this offer the rates for Ufone to Ufone will be Rs. 1.20 per minute, for Ufone to PTCL Rs. 1.20 per minute and for 5 friends and family numbers the rate will be Rs. 0.45 per 30 seconds.

    • Ufone Solid Offer:

    This offer is just like its own name as Solid. This package allows the users to make the free calls after calling for 3 minutes. Well for getting free calls the person need not to wait for some specific time scale. This offer is valid for 24 hours. For getting connected with this package the user can send a message as “Command” to 444. The rates of availing this offer will be Rs. 10.

    • Ufone Lady’s Package:

    This offer has just been made accessible for all such ladies that have the passion to make the calls to other women and carry out the gossiping activities. All the Ufone women customers can make the calls to all the PTCL numbers at Rs. 2 per hour from 10am till 5pm. To other networks the customers can make the calls at any time period at the cost of Rs. 1.25 per minute. As the SMS rates have been mentioned then to all the Ufone numbers the messages rates will be 50 paisa while for other networks the rates will be Rs. 1. For getting activated with this package the women can dial *34#.

    • Ufone Super Ghanta Package:

    This offer serves the customers with the easiness of making the calls from 4 am till 5 pm in the evening to all the Ufone, Vfone and PTCL numbers at just the cost of Rs. 3.50 per hour. Well the daily charges of this offer will be Rs. 5.99.


    • SMS Bundles:

    This offer has been highlighted by Ufone for its prepaid customers. This provides the customers to make messages at all the networks at the lowest rates. In addition, this offer even revolves around the Yearly SMS Package, Uth SMS Package, Ufone Monthly SMS Packages, Uth Daily SMS Package, Weekly SMS Bucket, Daily On-net SMS Package, SMS Night Package, SMS Daily Package and Ufone Unlimited Package. To activate this SMS bundle offer the customer can dial 100. These messages offers are not for the international people. These bundles do not accompany the premium SMS. This activation will cost the amount of Rs. 0.5 plus tax. The validity time of this offer will be within 24 hours from the actual time of activation. For getting information regarding the breathing SMS level the user can send message at 606. Users can just make the use of one package at one time. The daily SMS bundle offer will get subscribed after every 24 hours without giving any trouble to the user. For getting deactivated from the service the user can send message as “UNSUB” to 506. If you are less with the balance then you will get deactivated without sending any message.

    • Details of SMS Packages:

    For using the one year SMS package the user can send a message as SUB to 601. The cost of this offer will be Rs. 666 plus tax. For using Uth FNF SMS offer the user can send a message as SUB to 604. This offer will cost Rs. 5 plus tax and will be valid for just 30 days. UTH Daily offers will provide 600 SMS at the cost of Rs. 1.99 plus tax for one day. For activating this offer just send SMS as SUB to 612. For weekly bundle just send a message as SUB to 608 and this will cost Rs. 10 plus tax. This offer will provide 1200 SMS bundle. For using the night package just send message to SUB at 609. This offer will provide 300 SMS at the cost of Rs.1 plus tax for 8 hours. For activating the unlimited offer just send message as SUB at 607. This offer will valid for 30 days at the charges of Rs. 80 plus tax along with 9,000 messages bundles.


    • Internet Offer:

    This offer has been accessible for the postpaid and prepaid customers by sending message at 222. This offer will cost Rs. 15 for every single MB. Following is the list of all the mobile internet packages for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

     Daily Mobile Ufone Internet Package – 75MB per Day Rs.4.99/- Inclusive of Tax 01:00 AM to 09:00 PM. Just activate by sending message at 810.

    Hourly Internet Package – Unlimited Rs. 15 per hour Inclusive of Tax Unlimited. Avail this offer by sending message at 806.

    Daily Internet Package – 100MB per Day Rs. 10/-Inclusive of Tax 24 Hours. You can activate by dialing at 804.

    Prepaid Mobile Internet 5 – 5 MB Rs. 50 Inclusive of Tax 15 Days. Just send message at 801for getting activated.

    Prepaid Mobile Internet 30 – 30 MB Rs. 150 Inclusive of Tax 30 Days. You can subscribe by sending message at 802.

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