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    Of course, following the activation of the Warid caller tunes code list 2024, one will update the traditional tune with some melody sweet voice. It’s necessary to know that the caller tunes are different from ringtones because a ringtone means that what you hear from your phone when other people call you. On the other hand, a caller tune means is that what your caller hears when they dial your phone number. Basically, the Caller Tunes service is not dependent on the phone model. So everyone can activate it on the phone. Meanwhile, the charges of this offer are also very rational and sensible. So, what better one will demand from them.

    Furthermore, this is the best way to send a silent message to someone special who calls you, but you have not enough to share feelings. Let move the direction of this article towards the activation code.

     Warid Caller Tunes Activation:

    Step: 1

    If someone wants to activate caller tune than dial 105 or 230 and simply follow all instructions.

    Step: 2

    One has the option to choose favorite caller tune from Bollywood, Pakistani or English.

    Step: 3

    You can also use other media to get your favorite caller tunes such as through our WAP site with your cell phone. Besides this, you can also use the official website.

    Warid Caller Tunes Code List 2024:

    • After getting a huge response from this service, now Warid caller tunes code list 2024 has made the Warid caller tunes code list more advance.

    Now with help of Warid caller tunes song search, one will get favorite caller tune code by just sending the name of the song in an SMS. Here we tell you the full detail of song search activation below.

                                                              Method to search caller tune Code
    Send your favorite song name just like “Gaddi Tu Manga De” at this code number….                   7172
    Then one receives a reply message that compose of song code. At the next step after finding your favorite caller tune code, you will reply back to this SMS with the received tone ID and name of a song.
    At this SMS your favorite caller tune will be automatically activated.

    This procedure is valid for every type of caller tunes include

    • Bollywood
    •  Western
    • Pakistani
    •  Islamic( Not Sure)

    So it’s up to your interest that which one will like to activate. The company will not restrict you at all.

    the list of code

    Major Charges and Terms & Conditions:

    The Prepaid Customers will be paid for this Warid caller tunes Rs: 1.68 per day inclusive of taxes
    If someone does not have enough balance then they will pay full subscription charges because this company deducts a partial amount between. Rs: 1.68 & Rs: 0.25
    The postpaid customers will be paid for this Warid caller tunes service. Rs: 53.78 per month inclusive of taxes
    If someone uses any Warid caller tune from Warid MRBT against the customers MSISDN than paid. Rs: 9.55 include taxes per tune
    Maximum 50 Warid caller tunes added to the customer’s caller tune account at a single time.

    If one can activate a random tone play feature than send.



    Sub, to 6008

    If someone wants to listen caller tune of another Warid customer can be set tune with the help of… “One Key Copy Feature # or *3
    Beside this customers are also elect tunes by this method: SMS: Send ”GetTunecode”;

    USSD: Dial *232*Tunecode#;

    You can also get caller tunes dialing shortcode 105 or 230. Customers will be charged at this option’s: Rs 2.38 inclusive of tax per min
    If someone wants to cancel the Warid caller tunes offer just send a message to… UNSUB’ to 7171 or 230

    When this Idea comes up it also shows that such Tunes is actually reflected your inner feelings that you want to show other people by subscribing Tues so far. But these innovative services of cellular companies have got a massive response. Let see that in upcoming what new will add in the Warid caller tunes code list 2024, because it’s really amazing when a caller will hear an amazing voice.

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      plz ashiquei 2 ka caller tune number chaahye. song: tum hi ho

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      please send me the “arzoo ke rahoon mn” callertune code

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