MG HS 2024 Model Price in Pakistan, Fuel Consumption, Tanl Capacity

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    Yes, MG is a new international motor car brand to come in Pakistan and at first, an SUV is all set to launch. That’s why now people are looking for booking an MG HS 2024 Model Price in Pakistan and most importantly about the launch date. This company is working in other many countries but now they are going to introduce the MG HS car model in Pakistan with multiple very special types of specifications as compared to other brands. Basically, this is a British company and according to company officials now thousands of people have desired to book this vehicle from Pakistan before launch. Moreover, the latest MG HS 2024 Model Price in Pakistan is given.

    MG HS 2024 Model Price in Pakistan

    Before buying every person wants to get information about MG HS 2024 Model Price in Pakistan. Basically, when this vehicle was launched in Pakistan then MG HS price was 6.5 Million rupees but after a few months company raised the price by about 2.3 million rupees.

    MG HS Basic Variant Price 85 Lac Rupees
    MG HS 1.5 Turbo Variant Price 89 Lac Rupees

    MG HS Fuel Consumption km/l

    This SUV vehicle is totally different as compared to local assemble vehicles. Becasue this is SUV vehicle but the fuel consumption of this car is much better as compare to other.

    MG HS Petrol Average 12 KM

    MG HS Fuel Tank Capacity

    Big-size fuel tank capacity inserted and that helpful during long traveling. Becasue especially in Pakistan when people travel on the motorway then firslty complete fill fuel tank and then travel.

    MG HS Fuel Tank Capacity in Liters 54 Liters

    MG HS Booking Price in Pakistan

    The exact amount of the MG HS booking price does yet not exist but the approximate booking price is 3 Million rupees. Further, visit the nearest showroom that is located in every big city in Pakistan.

    MG HS Booking Price in PKR 3 Million Rupees

    MG HS Delivery Time in Pakistan

    Basically, this is an imported vehicle import from another country. So, the exact delivery time of this vehicle available soon. As per the market rumors, the delivery time of MG HS is 3 to 4 months.

    MG Delivery Time in PKR 3 to 4 Months

    MG HS Colours

    The most popular color in MG HS is White and Black but in the market, people demand Silver Color.

    • White
    • Black
    • Silver
    • Red

    MG HS Launch Date in Pakistan:

    Of the local assembled. now the expected MG HS Car Launch Date in Pakistan is in 1st week of Nov 2024. Hopefully, soon, MG company will start the booking as many of those already interested to book it before the launch in Pakistan. Because when they hear the features and saw the look then firstly they book the car and then do other work.

    On the other hand, when we will receive the latest update like price, and launch date then we will share it with an audience who are waiting since when this news was announced.

    the cost of MG car

    So everyone prefers Japanese cars because when they use them they feel safe. But after the launch of the MG HS car, they will leave all brands and convert to this SUV that will provide a comfortable drive with a bundle of features to the people with high-quality security and technology. Further, the MG HS 2024 Model Price in Pakistan will also be hoped to well balance and win the heart of the fans.

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