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    Standard Chartered is known among the most well distinguished and well reputed banking foundations in Pakistan. This bank was laid down in 1853 in South Africa by James Wilson. This bank has even spread its branches in all the main countries of the world. In 1858 it was opened in Mumbai, Kolkata and Shanghai and in 1859 it was opened in Hong Kong and Singapore. This bank has even supported hugely for the trade enlargement in Pakistan and one of its eminent examples is the establishment of the Suez Canal in 1869. Standard Chartered function out the trading process with Mumbai and Indigo for cotton, tea from Kolkata, sugar from Java, rice from Burma and Silk from Yokohama.

    Standard Chartered Pakistan, Careers, Jobs, Branches


               Standard Chartered has been one of the fastest growing and biggest international bank that has been serving the Pakistan nation for over a long time phase. This bank covers the amount of almost 4,000 employees with maximum 132 branches in approximate 29 cities of the Pakistan. This bank has their main focus on the consumer banking and wholesome banking that turn out this bank as the major renowned and famed banks in the whole world. The success height of Standard Chartered is much evident from the fact that it is not just functioning in Pakistan but even on international level as well.


                             As we mentioned earlier that the Standard Chartered hold the account of almost 4,000 employees and every passing year this number has been growing huge and huge. This bank takes account of the enrollment of employees through the online procedure or either through the interview. The appropriate candidate can visit the website of the bank and drop his or her cover letter along with the post for which the person is applying. However, they even carried out much of the selection all through the direction of face to face conversations in the form of interviews. This would help the banking staff to figure out the skills and magnitude in much effective manner. In addition, it may even help you to enhance your confidence height much efficiently.


                                                                  Below are some of the main and most prominent cities that are served with the services of the Standard Chartered:

    • ABBOTABAD (0992):
    Abbotabad Branch No. 2905/2903, Gohar Plaza, Supply Bazar, Mansehra Road, Abbotabad 0992-331370-71
    • GHAKKAR MANDI (055):
    Ghakkar Mandi Branch BV 732-B, Near NBP, G.T. Road Ghakkar Mandi, Tehsil Wazirabad, District Gujranwala 3832746, 3832744
    • GUJRANWALA (055):
    Gujranwala Branch Trust Plaza, GT Road 3845483, 3250506
    Gujranwala Branch Anwar Industries Complex, OPP Zemco Cinema, GT Road 4277901, 4557446
    • GUJARAT (053):
    Gujarat Branch Decent Furnishers Building opp. Services Industries,  GT road 3513873
    • HYDERABAD (022):
    Hyderabad Branch Shah Latifabad, Thandi Sadak 2783983
    Hyderabad Branch D-3, Railway Employees Co-Operative Housing Authority, Latifabad No 3 3814422
    • JEHLUM (054):
    Jehlum Branch 1-      89/7- B Kazim Kamal Road, Jehlum Cantt 4627352
    • LARKANA (074):
    Larkana Branch City Survey No 795 Ward B, Bunder Road, Larkana 4058905
    • MARDAN (093):
    Mardan Branch Cantonment Plaza, Mall Road, Mardan 7865596, 7865591
    Mirpur Branch Allama Iqbal Road, Chowk Shaheedan Mirpur, Azad Kashmir 05827445313-14
    • MULTAN (061):
    Multan Branch Property 58/1 Ali Heights Abdali Road 4586113, 4589381
    Multan Branch 1-      A Office Colony Bosan Road 6520999, 6224144
    • PESHAWAR (091):
    Peshawar Branch 35 Shahraee Quaid-e- Azam 5270501, 5274246
    Peshawar Branch 2 Islamia Road, Peshawar 5286694, 5271023
    Peshawar Branch GB Plaza, Jamrud Road, Peshawar 5815949, 5813437
    • QUETTA (081):
    Quetta Branch Plot No 417/2 and 423/54 Jinnah Road, Quetta 2828287
    Quetta Branch MA Jinnah Road, Quetta  2825492, 2820911
    • SWAT (094):
    Swat Branch Bank Square Main Bazar, Mingora, Swat 671302-3
    •  VEHARI (067):
    Vehari Branch 185 D Block, Jinnah Road, Vehari 3360802, 3360994
    • SUKKHUR (071):
    Sukkhur Branch Plot No 986 and 987 Hussiani Road, Sukkhur 5619105
    • Raiwind (042):
    Raiwind Branch Mauza Kalan, Main Bazar, Raiwind 35391832, 35391355
    • SARGODHA (048):
    Sargodha Branch 40 Civil Lines Opp SSP House, University Road. 3729641, 3721926
    • RAHIM YAR KHAN (068):
    Rahim Yar Khan Branch 13 Town Hall Road, Rahim Yar Khan 5889750, 5887902

    On the whole this bank has made a big name in the banking world and there is no doubt about it that stills many achievements is on the way that has to be accomplished by this bank. If you think that you well deserve and stands perfect on the terms of the Standard Chartered then drop your cover letter now.

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