TCS Courier Charges from Pakistan to USA Dubai UK International Tariff Rates

The basic aim of TCS is to satisfy their users. Now this is considered a reliable name for sending parcels, packages, sensitive documents and cargoes at both domestic and at an international level. In Pakistan, it is the only courier service that has its own airline for shipment purpose which is available at several airports. The TCS international tariff of Courier Charges from Pakistan to USA Dubai and UK rates can be obtained at this place.  This company is also paying a strong impact on the Pakistan economy by offering reliable and efficient services to the people. It is provides logistics services in commercial and Business sectors.

At domestic level, people can avail the opportunity MMS service, delivery on the same day, overnight, Holiday and many other great services. Its network is very wide in Pakistan it has number of Express centers, more than four thousand courier’s members and huge number of track able delivery vehicles and 24 stand by services. Their delivery time is within 3 to 5 working days. It provides goods at  your door step.

People prefer it over other services because of its reliability and quick service. Very minimum amount is consumed to send goods at distant places. It also ensures the insurance coverage issues and if the good is not delivered at the mentioned address then the company returns the good to the sender along with the money.


They are first who offering courier services in this country. The CEO of this organization is worked as a commercial pilot and since from 30 years he is associated with this remarkable organization. He has done work with immense dedication and motivation to make this a trustable courier services. Currently it has become one of the leading courier organizations in Pakistan. Its main headquarter is located in Karachi.


In addition, it’s headquartering not only located in Pakistan but also in the various parts of the world such as in North America and Middle East. It is becoming a largest courier service in Pakistan because of its innovation, passion, focus, commitment and pioneering spirit.

In the same way, TCS also facilitates the people living in abroad by offering the cool services. Due to its valuable services, they always preferred it. Their international Tariff rates that they charges for Courier from Pakistan to USA Dubai and UK is really reasonable. This is one safe way to send things from one place to another.

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