How to Start Ostrich Farming in Pakistan 2017 Feasibility in Urdu

Before starting of every type of work, a man want to get info about its basics. The business of ostrich farming in Pakistan is getting rapid attention. Many of the people are in favor of starting this business line. If you are too interested in it then it’s essential that one should know how to start this kind of business in 2017! Here its feasibility reports is in English that is easy to translate in Urdu. After this one get idea that whether this is suitable and appropriate for this environment or not: It is a fact that Ostrich meat is quite heart healthy. You need a minimal land and building structure to take intuitive. In the countries like that of China and, in India, this is getting popularity. In short this region is appropriate for this kind of profession.

Why should you start it in this Country?

The Environment of Pakistan is quite suitable for this Farming because we have seen that here the summer time get hot and it is cool in the winter time and these timings are quite ideal and best to start the Ostrich farming.

How should you Start?

  • You should have a cemented floor of about Two Hundred and Fifty Square Foot. This floor will be appropriate for Fifty Ostrich and they should have the age of 2 to 4 Months. Then make sure that you have to transfer all of them to the muddy land and this land should be of  Fifteen Hundred Square Foot.
  • You can hire a single person and that individual has to be capable of managing and handling these small kids.
  • You have to remain careful while operating this Ostrich Farm of yours. Your bird should not be eating any kind of harmful sort of ingredients like that of glass and nail. It will lead to mortality.
  • All of the Farmers should be getting some technical Assistance to start this business. They can take help from the Pakistan Ostrich Company. Right now we have the farms located in the cities of Karachi and Attock, we have these kind of options in Chakwal and also in Lahore.

Ostrich pic

Expected Earnings: If one will have a farm of about 50 Birds then you can earn the amount of 10 Million Rupees on a per year basis.

Time Duration: You have to make an investment for a time of 2 Years and then in the third year, you will start earning.

This is how to start it, hope so it’s enough info for new comers. Further there is no doubt this is highly risky occupation, but its return is also high. So be confident and if one aim to do this then sure hope best from it.

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