How to Join Pak Army as a Lady Officer 2015

There are so many female that are quite interested to learn that how they can move steps inside the Pak Army as Lady Officer. We all know that Pak Army is named as being one of the reputable sectors of Pakistan and it’s quite an honoring thing for the women to be the made of this organization. All those women who believe in serving the Pakistan at the best they are all free to be the part of Pak Armu as Captain through Lady Cadet Course (LC-11). If you will be searching around you will be finding maximum courses in medical field as well inside engineering field in which females can apply to join Pak Army.

Eligibility Conditions For Pak Army As A Lady Officer:

               Female candidates have the freedom to apply in the category of the Corps of Engineers (Engrs). This category is simply based on engineering field. For admission the qualification has been set aside as BE in Civil Engineering and BE in Architectural Engineering. The second category for application is the one that comes under lady cadet course which is Corps of Signals (Sigs). In this category the qualification has been set as BE in Telecommunication Engineering. In the third category we have all about the Army Services Corps (ASC). Its qualification has been set with MSc in Petroleum Engineering.


Common Features For Joining Pak Army As A Lady Officer:

               In order to join the Pak Army as a Lady Officer following are the main features that have to be kept in mind:

  1. The candidates must have the minimum CGPA 2.5 out of 4 or Min 62.5% Marks in annual system.
  2. Plus MSC and MS students will be given away with the greater preference.
  3. The candidates much have at least one 2ndDivision / Grade C all the way through the academic career.
  4. Private candidates are not eligible for Pak Army.
  5. Just un-married women can apply for entering in Pak Army.
  6. Candidate must be a Citizens of Pakistan.
  7. Their vision must be at least 3.5 maximum.
  8. For selecting the candidates all the applicants have to pass through the written test. At the same time the candidates will even undergo initial medical test at AS&RCs.
  9. The candidates have to qualify in the 1.6 KM run in 14 Minutes.

So this was the simple by which you can make the way inside the Pak Army As A Lady Officer! Follow this path way now and give this nation a chance to feel proud of their daughter!

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