Hummer Jeep Price in Pakistan 2016 H2 H3 H4 Car

This is a giant vehicle that is dashing in look and consider as most powerful one in this country. Once you will be stepping into this jeep, you will get this feeling as if you belong to some military background. Now time come when dreams come true, because Hummer H2 H3 are importing in Pakistan during 2016 in different price range according to condition. While its h4 model is still not come here hope so during upcoming year one also enjoys its drive. Basically it is a traditional kind of SUV vehicle, with some of the sound ground breaking and amazing features. Its internal body comes with massive space give you much comfort while its outer side is more solid than any other vehicle. More the exterior has strong and also masculine looks. It is a rugged car.

  • These all models can give you maximum luxury and too unique look at the same time. It comes with enhanced dimensions. Once you take it on the road, it will become one of the most dominant on the road.
  • The feature that made it giant is its new grille right at the front. In its outer look this plays a vital role.


H2: Its ranges in between 50 Lac to 1 Crore and 25 Lac

  • H3: Its lies in between fugue of 75 Lac to 1 Crore and 50 Lac

H4: It not come here.

This can give you the enough space for its headroom and also for the legroom. People can easily sit at the back side and too at the front side in a convenient way.


  • You will see that its dashboard is quite elegant. Its shape is angular. In this country its dashboard has a two tone combination, you will notice that these silver along with the back hues are embedded

You should be keeping in mind that this Hummer Jeep 2016 is yet not released in Pakistan, these are of old model but they are fresh import. These are estimated and approximate price because it all depends on condition. If you are a real one huge vehicles lover then you should be getting any one among them. But it all depends on affordability that which one comes in your range. Further this is best one, one cannot compare it with any other in this country. Simply its drive as well look is just amazing one.

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