Lexus LX 570 Price in Pakistan 2017 Interior Pictures

This automobile is sign of executive class of this country, one can say that no one is better then this one. Surely this type of talk is about Lexus LX 570. The pictures of its new interior beats every thing in Pakistan, along this during 2017 its price  is also going more high. Although its latest model is still in pipeline to come here, but important specs has revealed at international level. No doubt its maintenance is also costly, but the man who is able to purchase it must afford these kind of things. This status symbol vehicle is enough to impress any one.

 2017 Model Price in Pakistan: Above 2 Crore Rupees

If one goes back in its previous model then they are available in range of 70 Lac to 1 Crore. Mean while if one is moving toward more back then this range will goes down to 40 Lac to 60 Lac.


  • This comes with a grill change, it also introduce with SUV. It is an aggressive kind of car and we are sure that all of the lovers out there will for sure love it.
  • This has these amazing features like that of LED headlights added with stylish fog lamps. It is just these lamps that have been making this car much and more graceful looking.
  • Its giants bumpers have also been changed in look. Its back side is quite appealing then last one.
  • If we move on to its other awesome features then we have seen that it comprises of wireless charging spec, you will be having head up display.
  • This has one of the fastest engines. Its gearbox added with an eight speed automatic box that made it special one.

Interior Pictures:


One can not compare its stylish inner with any other vehicle. From inner dashboard to types of seats every thing is perfectly designed in it.


Make sure that you do not just at all miss out to buy this Lexus LX 570 if its price is come in your range for 2017 model in Pakistan. It is an awesome car for you. We have also put up the interior pictures of this dazzling looking car. If you want to show others that how much massive you are a car lover then it is the time that you should buy it. These are really short features many more are available in it that makes it more special.

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