Toyota Corolla XLI and GLI Difference Between Price Specifications in Pakistan

Here a difference between Toyota Corolla XLI and GLI Difference between Price Specifications specs in Pakistan that include all related info comparison for both of these vehicles 2015 2014. In Pakistan if one overview the cars that are in usage of majority of peoples the both of these two vehicles are on top. Majority of car users prefer to buy one of them due to few of major reasons. Among these one major reason is that Pakistan roads are divides in two major parts that are of rural areas and urban areas. Roads of urban areas are quite good then rural areas that are why a carry that is good to use on both nature of roads are successful. Second major reason behind one successful car in Pakistan is depend on the availability of parts. According to both of these factors both of these are good options to drive in this country. But here an interesting thing is that number of peoples never knows that major difference between Toyota Corolla XLI and GLI, everyone has own views for difference. To clear this misunderstand here we try to give some major differences between its specs and prices while a comparison of both of these factors are also given that makes whole things more clear.

xli 2015 in white color


gli 2015 in black color

To Check the Price and Specifications of Toyota Corolla XLI and GLI in Pakistan Click on Below links:

Toyota Corolla XLI Price Specifications in Pakistan

Toyota Corolla GLI Price Specifications in Pakistan

Price of Xli: Rs. 1,554,500.

Price of Gli: Rs. 1,729,000.

A general overview of their difference is that XLI is quite manual and Gli is Automatic and loaded with respect door and mirrors that include back and all others.

  • A major difference is also available in brake of both of these cars.
  • A minor difference is also found in manufacturing for both of these vehicles that has minor effect on quality of parts and other minor issues.
  • This time back and front of lights of Xli and Gli are also changed that also shows some difference.

A major difference between both of these vehicles is the engine. XLI engine is 1.3 while on the other side Gli engine is of 1.6 with same fuel efficiency that thing will differentiate both of these vehicles.

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