Toyota Yaris Price in Pakistan 2024 Launch Date, Booking, Fuel Average

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    All six variants Toyota Yaris price in Pakistan 2024 is also different. From them, the basic variant price of the Toyota Yaris is approx. “4,500,000 Rupees” and the full option Yaris price is approx. “5,770,000 Rupees“. Furthermore, this an replacement of highest selling car of Toyota that’s why they take care of its reliability. Among the fine vehicles of current time, Yaris is the soundest one to buy in Pakistan. Its review shows clearly that this is an appropriate option. This is perfect from the interior to exterior, secondly, this is best for local roads. Perhaps, more specs will add in it in future that make it more perfect.

    Toyota Yaris Price In Pakistan 2024

    These days, Toyota Yaris GLI MT 1.3 price in Pakistan 2024 is trending because this is a basic variant and recently they have changed the prices of all variants. Meanwhile, Yaris 2024 Price in Pakistan is newly write in table.

    VARIANTS Price(Approx.)
    Toyota Yaris 1.3 price in Pakistan(Basic MT) 4,500,000 Rupees
    Yaris 1300cc Price in Pakistan (GLI CVT) 4,790,000 Rupees
    Toyota Yaris 1.3 MT Price in Pakistan (ATIV) 4,760,000 Rupees
    Yaris 1.3 ativ CVT 5,000,000 Rupees
    Toyota Yaris 1.5 5,430,000 Rupees
    YARIS ATIV X CVT 1.5 5,770,000 Rupees
    • NOTE: These are the basic price because when you will buy then must pay tax and this is different for non and filer too.

    Toyota Yaris Launch Date in Pakistan 2024

    Predicting the Toyota Yaris launch date, then it’s for sale from first month of 2024 like January. Hopefully, toyota will work to add many more new specs and features in it.

    Launch Date of New Model Toyota Yaris In Jan 2024
    • Then their is:

    Toyota Yaris Booking Price in Pakistan

    Production of the Toyota Yaris start soon because they are delivering previous book cars. The booking price in Pakistan is around 2.0 Million rupees. While the remaining amount will pay on delivery time.

    • A new model of Toyota Yaris booking starts soon.

    Delivery Time in Pakistan: People now seeking the Toyota Yaris delivery time after booking. So, the approximate delivery time is 3 months.

    Toyota Yaris Price In Pakistan 2024

    Toyota Yaris Fuel Average in Pakistan

    Before buying a new model of Yaris every one finds Toyota Yaris fuel consumption km/l. Becasue Toyota Yaris 1.3 fuel average in Pakistan and the 1.5 fuel average is different.

    Toyota Yaris 1.3 Fuel Average in Pakistan 15 KM
    1.5 Yaris Fuel Average 16.8 KM
    Yaris 1.3 Automatic Fuel Average 13 KM
    1.5 ativ x cvt Fuel Average 14 KM

    Toyota Yaris Fuel Tank Capacity in liters

    Toyota Yaris fuel tank size is 42 Liters. Company-installed fuel tank same as the Toyota Gli size. People who do long travels must prefer the big fuel tank capacity vehicle.

    Toyota Yaris Fuel Tank Capacity Pakistan 42 Liters

    Toyota Yaris Colors

    In Pakistan, Toyota Yaris comes in 6 different colors as well most popular colors are White, Black, and Silver.

    • Black
    • White
    • Golden
    • Blue
    • Silver
    • Red
    Yaris Dimensions

    The overall dimension of the Toyota Yaris is given because people compare it with GLI and XLI.

    Length 4230mm
    Width 1735mm
    Height 1497mm
    • Engine Cc:

    We have discussed this vehicle launched with 6 different engines. So, all engine power like Cc is given in the table.

    Variant Engine Cc
    GLI MT 1.3 1329
    ATIV MT 1.3 1329
    GLI CVT 1.3 1329
    ATIV CVT 1.3 1329
    ATIV X MT 1.5 1496
    ATIV X CVT 1.5 1496

    Ground Clearance:

    Most of buyers who belong from rural or northern areas want to know about ground clearance in Pakistan which is 135mm.

    Ground Clearance of Yaris 135mm

    Yaris Variant In Pakistan

    • All variants’ names, engine power, and Toyota Yaris Price in Pakistan 2024 are written in the above table.

    a new yaris look

    Now, this is the third generation of this car which is comprehensively updated and if we talk about the competitors of this car then this is the best one right now. These cars are engineered and manufactured carefully. In order to cut down the cost of cars, manufacturers would trim down the longevity but don’t do any compromises on their reliability. Furthermore, Toyota Yaris price in Pakistan 2024 is gaining a higher rate and attention in terms of quality as they design by two super-class manufacturers, and waiting for the launch date will also be in the final stage.

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