How to Recharge EVO through Easy Paisa

If you want to know that How to Recharge EVO through Easy Paisa then this is best place from where one can find the whole detail and procedure of this EVO 3G Nitro, Wi-Fi Cloud Recharge that PTCL give to facilitate their users. All EVO 3G Nitro, Wi-Fi Cloud and Tab customers avail this service so that’s why it will cover every type of internet users. Another important thing is that this service is also allowed for both postpaid and prepaid users. But they announce a limit of bill that is necessary for pay through easy paisa just like for a day pass packages they announce a limit of 500 rupees that one can pay trough this opportunity. PTCL try to make this service more effective, for this they also announce that there are no any charges that detected when one can avail this service. Now all those users that have facility of Easy paisa easily recharge their account without any difficulty. Further detail of this package is given there so must stay on this page.

How to Recharge EVO through Easy Paisa

How to Recharge EVO through Easy Paisa

Procedure that How to Recharge EVO through Easy Paisa:

In order recharge your EVO through easy paisa the most important thing is the MDN number. If one forget this number then they also announce a alternate method that is also used in case of forget it. Remaining procedure is describes as

On visiting your nearest Easy Paisa shop they first demand your MDN number. If you succeed to give this number then further you give your mobile number.

After recharging your account a conformational message will send in your inbox that confirms that your account will recharge.

It’s really simple and easy to handle the whole procedure. PTCL announce these services with the collaboration of Telenor & Tameer Bank. Both partners also play an important in success of this service. In short this service is best one to Recharge EVO through Easy Paisa so must take benefit from these services.

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