How to Stop Promotional SMS from Zong Telenor Blocking Service

It is a fact that it gets and become so much annoying and irritating when so much and large in number promotional calls and sms comes on your phone. How can you get rid from them? If you are looking for a simple method and a way to restrict them then we can help you out. Now, Zong and telenor has come up with this unique blocking service line and with the help and utilization of this service, your phone will stay away from this kind of stuff: These tips must help one to acknowledge that how to stop them. This is not difficult at all but one just need for its understanding. Further during work or after hectic routine these UN necessary assistance create huge tension.

For Zong:

We have seen that if you are using other of the mobile connections and you want to block this material then you have to visit their help line centers. But this net work is telling you the simple method to do that:

  • You have to visit this site:
  • Then you have to enter your mobile number.
  • After entering your phone number, you will right away be receiving a pin code on your phone.
  • You have to enter this number right on that site.
  • This is all; one will be block all UN necessary things from your cell phone.

You can also call at the helpline of this cellular network which is 310. Just tell their representative that you do want these unwanted and promotional calls and SMS on your phone. He will take the particular actions against them.

block service

For Telenor:

If you are this net work user and you are really looking for the ways to get rid and stay away from it then they also come up with a simplest method. This includes these following steps:

  • You have to contact or in easy words make a call on 345.
  • Then you have to talk to their help line representative.
  • Just tell him that you want to restrict these unwanted data.
  • He will be noting down your complaint and will take an instant action against it.

 Apparently this service is not appealing one, but this is best one from these network. Now majority mobile users are disturb from them. From long they want to get the solution and finally these two big names takes initiative that is best one. Further now become free from kind of tensions and use this facility without any kind of disturbance.

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