Telenor smart tunes code list, Indian, Islamic, Pashto

This is best place from where you can find Telenor smart tunes code list, Indian, Islamic and Pashto. Now everyone listen your selected caller tunes related to Islamic, Pashto, Indian songs who call you. Now you can find more than five thousand songs on your mobile phone from Indian, Pashto. Telenor also give opportunity for selected smart tunes for all callers or selected tunes for selected persons. So through this you are able to wish your related person according to specific days. These smart tunes concepts arise in mind when caller felt bored when he calls someone and other will not pick up the phone. This is right way to entertainment and avoids other for boring. Telenor is only network who announce various attractive features in this offer that make it more effective for users. If one sees the other main features then one can make a whole music album as your tunes. You can also download a smart tune mobile application for your handset for this creates a login on the website and make your own personalized settings.

Telenor smart tunes code list, Indian, Islamic, Pashto

Telenor smart tunes code list, Indian, Islamic, Pashto

Telenor smart tunes code list, Indian, Islamic, Pashto are given there..

Islamic smart tunes code list:

Tariq Jameel       Tauba Pay Mafi                 5158240

Tariq Jameel       Risk Dayne Wala Allah Hai 5158239

Tariq Jameel       Namaz Pharne Walay Hamesha Kamyab Hotay Hain 5158238

Tariq Jameel       Mazdoor Ka Haq               5158235

Tariq Jameel       Farz Ibadaat       5158233

Tariq Jameel       Jis Nay Allah Ko Paa Liya Usnay Sab Kuch Paa Liya 5158234

Tariq Jameel       Emaan Aur Amal Accha Karne Ka Inam 5158232

Tariq Jameel       Dekhaway Ki Ibadat 5158230

Islamic :

Allah Ke 99 Mubarak Naam     501842
Al Nabi     5015
Paigham-e-Subha     5016
Lab per Naat e Pak     501202
Subha Tayyaba Me     501204
Khuda Ka Zikr Karein     501206
Aei Rasool-e-Amin     5022256
Aei Taiba     5022257
Badee-uz-Zamaan (Arabic)     5022259
Jab Masjid-e-Nabvi     5022260
Khutme-eRusul     5022261
Maula Ya Sali-Wasali     5022262

In order to subscribe smart tunes dial *345*2*2# to activate smart tune service. To activate this offer different charges are received for different types of tunes. Just like Rs.10 + Tax will detect for one time smart tunes activation while to activate a music album Rs.15+Tax/ Month will detected. For download the smart tunes Rs. 6+Tax will charge. You can also facility to deactivate this service according to your wish.


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