K&N Price List 2023 in Pakistan of all Products

Many buyers are in find of the rates of K&N’s products because the K&N price list 2023 in Pakistan has all related to the rates. In the world people eat vegetables due to its healthy impact but someone like that dishes in which chicken use to increase  their energy. There are many dishes belongs to the main ingredients  of chicken. Mostly Pakistani people like to prefer chicken biryani, chicken karahi, chicken pizza, chicken manchurian etc. All above dishes you must required safe and healthy chicken  and you cannot trust local chicken shop. In Pakistan there are some companies which offered safe chicken and this brand is one among them.

K&N Price List 2023 in Pakistan:

A comprehensive table of K&N price list 2023 in Pakistan will cover the all items. Further, their are different packings available, so the prices varies accordingly.

If one going in the processing of their food, then feed milling is an essential part of this brand because feed is the back bone of poultry procedure. The ingredients which they use in feed consists of natural grains items such as corn gluten, wheat or rice etc. Thus chicken products of this company are best to eat.

K&N’s Products Price List 2023:

The matter able things that will impact on the K&N’s products price list 2023 is firstly the packet weight and second sometime few stores offered discounts that will cause different prices of same products at two different places.

  • Yes, this food brand has also the permission to change price of any product without giving any notification. And it’s an approx. K&N list that can vary from any store to other.
k&n’s Kofta Price List (Chicken) 1270 Rupees (For 0.85 KG)
K&N Karahi Cut Chicken Price 905 Rupees (Per KG)
 K&N Boneless Chicken Price 610 Rupees(Half Kg of Bonless Handi)
K&Ns Nuggets price
  • 435 Rupees( For 12 pcs)
K&N Qeema price 620 Rupees( Half KG)
K&N Chicken Breast Price 630 Rupees(0.5 Kg)
K&N’s Shami Kabab Price
  • 440 Rupees( Weight is 252 Grams)
  • 1030 Rupees(650 Gram)
K&N’s Samosa Price 810 Rupees(420 Grams)
K&N Thunder Fillet Price 1015 Rupees( 550 Gram)
K&N’s Burger Patties Price
  • 1310 Rupees(1070 Gram)
K&N’s Chapli Kabab Price 1160 Rupees(Total 12 Pcs)

As this brand repeatedly claims that they use best quality ingredients and chicken in their ready to cook and fully cook chicken items. So that you satisfied our products which made without any preservatives.

  • One other List is:
K&N Product Name Approx. Price
Chicken Qeema of Premium category 630 Rupees(For 500 Grams)
Deline Mortadella Slices 1110 Rupees(Of 616 Grams)
Chicken Tempura Large 1155 Rupees (Of 29 to 31 Pieces)
Jumbo Frank Sausages 1175 Rupees (Of 740 Gram)
Chicken Croquettes 1,200 Rupees( Of 53 to 55 Pieces)
Combo Wings 1,140 Rupees(This is of Economy Packet)
Tender Pops 1,125 Rupees  (54 to 60 Pieces)
  • One of their number is: 0800 111 56( This is for product prices or other)

a new rate of K&N products of now

Above list is very helpful to get an proposal about the price list of K&n’s 2023 in Pakistan. Their all products available almost at every mart and also online too. You can use every item without any hesitation because these are safe and healthy items as well.

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