Sazgar Rickshaw Dealer in Karachi Lahore

Now, on more than one location in Lahore and Karachi, Sazgar Rickshaw Dealer is operating for the customers. They are best in manufacturing the 4 stock CNG three wheels Rickshaw. They are well aware of the market values and prefer that their vehicle purchaser only visit their official dealers. The purpose of this idea is to deal with their respectable customers with efficient manners and provides all the respects which needed the customers. This Rickshaw having a lot of demand in the market all over Pakistan because it’s very needed of the un employe people all over Pakistan and people asked about the dealers detail in different cities of Pakistan, especially in Karachi and Lahore.

Sazgar Rickshaw Dealer:

  • These both cities are the major cities and the customer having feel difficulties to found the Sazgar Rickshaw dealer but now this time there is no difficult task to found these dealers detail because the table comprises all of the info.

Sazgar Rickshaw Dealer in Karachi:

The figure of Sazgar Rickshaw Dealer in Karachi are more in number as compared to any other city. From their appropriate location to number is in the table. So, one can visit or call them.

Dealer Name Location Number
Sales and Warranty Center Sadia Manzil, Jigr Muradabadi Road 0321-2438808 / 2438807
Frontier Autos AM-20 Akbar Road, Saddar 0300-2341984
KN Autos 24/2 Sehwani Cooperative Housing Society 0300-2109428
National Hasan Zia Autos Shop 5, Shahzad Arcade, Business Recorder Road 0321-8234352
Alflah Autos Akber Road, Saddar 0321-2746094
Mushtaq Sons B-66 State Avenue Karachi 021-32733700
Hassan Zai Motors Business Recorder Road, Patel Para 0322-2006765
Yahya Motors Filmistan Road, Karachi 0321-2320899

Sazgar Rickshaw Dealer in Lahore:

Moreover, one can also easily check in the Sazgar Rickshaw Dealer in Lahore, but if you face any difficulty in its finding then the number is also there for you.

Dealer Name Location Number
New National Autos Lytton Road, Lahore 0323-4410369
Sazgar Warranty Center 9 Punch Road Samanabad 0321-8469022
Munawar Autos Lytton Road, Lahore 0321-9423451
Hamza Autos Lower Mall, Lahore 0300-4678485
New National Autos Lytton Road 0322-8764449
  • Hopefully, it works for you, and also better is to call on their phones and book your visit.


Apart from these cities, they have a network all over Pakistan and people don’t feel any difficulty to found the dealers. As now UN employment is going to its peak so in this period of time it’s too difficult to start their own business. So this is one cheap choice that must give you a handsome amount of money. So the peoples that have this company Rickshaws must desire to know the Sazgar Rickshaw Dealer in Karachi Lahore that has spare parts and other accessories of this vehicle.

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