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How many Children are Forced Married in Pakistan Year 2024-14

Posted by hasnain sial
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    This century in which we are living is the century of freedom. According to every constitution of the every country every person has its right. No one can snatch his human right from him. So according to human right every person can do what he want.

    There is a trend of forced marriages now in whole the world and especially in Pakistan. Young people want to marry from someone else whom they like and love but their parents want to do their marry from someone else. So for this reason there is a clash between parents and their kids.

    There is also a trend of doing marriage in the age of 10 to 15 years of age. According to human right of a man this is against the human right and every country condemns this type of activities. Today if we talk about the social media like face book. Tweeter and mobile phones these are the main sources by whom mostly people like girls and they want to marry with them but their parents do not allow them to marry with their girlfriends.

    force married

    So we should take care when we are using face book and other social media. This social media also has some advantages as well but in my point of view this is a source of clash between parents and kids.

    A lot of people did marry forcefully in last year 2024. According to a international report publish in this January that more than 30 % people did marry below the age of 15. There is also a trend of WANIII which is more poplar in the southern Punjab and some areas in Sindh.

    So this is  parents duty that they should talk with their kids in the matter  of marry so that there is a less chance of clash between parents and kids.

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