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KPK Traffic Police Driving Licence Online Verification Peshawar

Posted by ali sial
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    A system through which KPK traffic police licence check is easily possible that whose driving license has been expired and who has a valid one. At the same time through this KPK Traffic Police will get to know that who has a proper knowledge for drive a vehicle. One can says that the ability to access licence online for verification has number of benefits especially for main cities like Peshawar and Nowshera. Because rush is one serious issue of urban areas.  Before going into verification detail, we give intro that how to get it for the first time? According to roles initially officials issued learning one that is valid for one and half month.

    For this one just need to buy a ticket of Twenty Rupees, along with submit two snap and a copy of identity card. After allowed time duration if one o full fill wanted conditions then officials issued permanent one.

    KPK Traffic Police Licence Check:

    Within last two years Peshawar Traffic Police has upgraded most of his old working system. Now for verification one just needs to enter driving license number in mentioned space. Within no time information will start to process and then the system will tell you that whether this document is original or not.

    Number from where one can also get Info 1915


    • With the help of this system, the formal body will be able to shortlist the expired ones.
    • Meanwhile after this it’s easy to check that drivers who are carrying fake and expired driving licenses

    Official Site Address where one can Avail this service:

    Traffic address

    You are a KPK resident then must followed this procedure. Now if someone offers you for a fake one with surety of genuine then not trust on him because in case of UN availability of record you will catch very easily. Before this number of agents will work on it, that is now going to its end. This is sign of official best performance but still a lot of work will remain to do. Hope so as this government precedes their work they must come with full modern system in forthcoming days.

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