Lal Qila Karachi Buffet Price 2022

For the food lover of this city, Lal Qila Karachi buffet price 2022 is fair to enjoy a wide range of food. Through this offer, the per head charges are very reasonable. From last many years, they maintain their best quality food in Mughlai style.  Taste-wise, this is one of the best locations to try in the city of lights. Moreover, its atmosphere is also unmatchable. Overall, everything of this place is just unmatchable. In this type of weather, this is one of the best places to visit with friends or family. Here below, one will check the detailed listing of rates. Hopefully, after this one will prepare a better plan.

Lal Qila Karachi Buffet Price 2022:

The latest Lal Qila Karachi buffet price 2022 has comprised of four different types of menus. That’s why one will get the chance of multiple options.

  • Lunch Menu
  • HI-Tea Menu
  • Dinner Menu
  • Sunday Brunch Menu

And the last one is the PARTY PACKAGE MENU, which is suitable for Wedding Dinner, Birthday Parties, Conference or Seminar or Annual Function.

Lal Qila Karachi per Head Charges 2022:

The entire summary related to Lal Qila Karachi per head charges 2022 is not complicated like many other restaurants have adversities some other price and in real they are different from them.

Lal Qila Karachi Lunch Buffet Price 2022:

At present Lal Qila Karachi lunch buffet price 2022 is dividing into two parts on the bases of different ages. While for the kids, their is further a age restriction and they charged accurately.

  • Adult: 1400 Rupees
  • Child: 700 Rupees

Timings: 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM

Lal Qila Karachi HI Tea Price 2022:

Like the previous one, the Lal Qila Karachi HI Tea price 2022 is also splitting further into different sets of rates. From the menu to atmosphere and taste, they improved themselves in every section.

  • Adult: 1500 Rupees
  • Child: 800 Rupees

Timings: 04:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Lal Qila Karachi Dinner Buffet Price 2022:

As per menu, Lal Qila Karachi dinner buffet price 2022 is higher than above both categories of the buffet. But, the menu of this dinner is far bigger than lunch and Hi-Tea.

  • Adult: 2200 Rupees
  • Child: 1100 Rupees

Timing: 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM

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Lal Qila Karachi Sunday Brunch:

This offer is only valid for Sunday. Most of the families get time on these days. So for all of them, this is one of the best chances to enjoy some best taste. The charges of this menu are 1600 rupees for adult and 800 rupees for children. At end of this writing, its clear from Lal Qila Karachi Buffet price 2022 that one can not find a better alternative than this one.

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