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Percentage of Smartphone and Internet Users in Pakistan 2014

Posted by hasnain sial
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    This world has now become global world. Everyone is connected with other. This possible now only for the invention of internet. Now people can talk their friends, family member and realities which are living in other countries. The inventions of smart phones and invention of social media in the form of face book, yahoo, Skype and tweeter.

    If we go back few decades we will come to know that at that time there was not the facility of internet and social media and smart phones as well.

    As time going the internet users are also increasing day by day. We can say now that now almost every person or 90 % people are using internet in different forms like internet through land line, internet through wireless and internet through smart phones.

    There are so many advantages of internet. Some of them are that people can talk with each other like through Skype, face book and yahoo. People can also get knowledge from internet and also they can enjoy latest news whole around the world and they can also enjoy music and movies from internet.


    If we talk about the smart phones, the invention of smart phones also a good step in the world of science. People are now interconnected with each other through smart phones.

    The percentage of the users of the internet is greater as compared to the users of internet in Pakistan but in Pakistan day by day more people are using internet and smart phones as well. The number of mobile user in Pakistan is around about 130 million peoples. In Pakistan according to a report published by PTA 52 % people are using mobiles for calls and SMS purpose but only 5 % people are using internet from mobiles for social purposes and for enjoying movies and songs.

    So there is a need to increase this ratio if we want to compete with the world and with the developed countries like USA, France and Germany.

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