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How to Reduce Belly Fat After Pregnancy in Urdu

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    Being fat is one of the most common problem among women and when it comes to the pregnancy mostly women get fat after the pregnancy. All of them are looking for some tips to lose weight so that is why we are here to give you How to Reduce Belly Fat After Pregnancy in Urdu so that you can learn some ways to reduce your fat after pregnancy. Our portal is the one which gives you the most authentic and effective tips for all the health problem and this is the problem which is being faced by the 90% women. Mostly women are struggling with the tummy which is a cause of embarrassment for them, but if you are really looking to reduce your tummy bluge just follow up the tips and instruction given here that will get you a good result within few days and you can not only control your tummy bluge but you can also reduce it to fine belly. Belly fat after pregnancy get rid is the desire of every women but there are some surgical treatments that can reduce it, but mostly women avoid to get surgical treatment that is why they are looking for some natural and home remedies to lose fat from their tummy with in few days.

    Exercise to reduce belly after cesarean delivery

    Weight Reduction After Delivery:

    • If you want to reduce your weight you have to take just 250 gram grape juice and mix it with the 750 gram virgin olive oil. After doing that pour all the mixture in the bottle and leave it under the sunshine for one week. All you need to do is to shake the bottle twice a day. After the week just do a massage on your belly and you will see a great change within few days.
    • A best tip to reduce tummy after delivery is to boil Cinnamon and Cloves Water and drink it only for a week and you will see a huge change into your belly. The effects of Cinnamon have been found to work better on the abdominal fat than everywhere.
    • There are many tips but the most effective tip is to do exercise on daily basis to get your belly size decreased, use a balanced diet and eat such food that can  burn your calories. Red Lentil soup is also effective to reduce belly size.
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