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Skyways Ticket Price List 2024 Online Ticket Booking

Posted by Xaibi Sir
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    For intercity travelling service, Skyways was a legend of Pakistan. Even the current one, Skyways ticket price list 2024 contains such a low fares and their online ticket booking choice is also being offered.  In past, they covered about all major cities but in recent years, they minimize their circle. Maybe, their competitors work better or their owner involve in some other business. But, something must happen with them that limited their services from Lahore to Islamabad and vice versa. Apart from this, they only target Karachi on limited time slots.

    Skyways Ticket Price List 2024:

    There are two classes of this Skyways bus services, and their ticket price list is also shifting on its bases in 2024. As it’s already highlighted that they are majorly targeting Lahore and Islamabad and after an average of two hours gap, they depart from one side.

    From Arrival City  Ticket Price(Economy Class)
    Lahore Murree 1,900 Rupees
    Lahore Attock 1,700 Rupees
    Lahore Multan N/A
    Lahore Sargodha 1,300 Rupees
    Lahore Sahiwal N/A

    One of their oldest Skyways route is from Lahore to Islamabad and vice versa among these cities. While, their are rumors that they send buses to Karachi. So, their tickets are in two types.

    Skyways Lahore to Islamabad Ticket Price(Economy) 1,150 Rupees
    Skyways Islamabad to Lahore Luxury Ticket Price Original price is 1570 Rupees and these days, this is cost in 1470 Rupees
    • Offer: Now they presented a discount and after this, the luxury ticket from Lahore to Islamabad is in buy able in 1470 Rupees. But, for how much time, this offer is valid is not point out.
     Skyways Lahore to Karachi Ticket Price Not Sure
    Lahore to Peshawar 1,800 Rupees

    Announcement: Speculations are that Skyways also have plan to re launch their service in many of other cities. Probably, this required a lot of work and will public when they worked on it completely.

    Skyways Online Ticket Booking:

    The two websites of skyways confused the travelers regarding online ticket booking. On one site, they provide the option of ticket booking, while the second one has deal with the bookme for this purpose.

    • One of their service option to BOOK. And make sure to reach the decided stand at instructed time.

    Skyways Contact Number:

    Only reliable Skyways Rawalpindi/ Islamabad contact number that is rarely shared online is 051-111-555-567 and for Lahore use “042” code before this number. Again, after parting in two or three parts, which one of them is better is bit complex to tell at this time.

    total cost

    Despite of splitting, the Skyways Ticket price list 2024 is almost same but the only creating issue online ticket booking. In presence of their other top opponent, its must for them that they worked on it. Otherwise, now passengers has many other alternative to travel. Probably, they understand and maintain system more better.

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