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Top Ten Bad Habits That Destroy Your Heart

Posted by hasnain sial
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    Heart is one of the important organs of our body and our life depends on the movement of heart because heart is responsible to provide blood allTop Ten Bad Habits That Destroy Your Heart over body. Nowadays heart attack is common due to our bad habits. If we overcome these habits we can get rid of this painful disease. Most of us know about bad habits but we ignore and lose their life. Here we discuss the Bad habits that destroy your heart.

    Top bad habits that destroy your heart

    1. Over eating
    2.Fast food
    3. Angry and stress
    4. Smoking
    5. Skiping breakfast
    6. Alcohol
    7. Slipping pills
    8. over eating salt
    9. Lack of exercise
    10. Skipping vegetables and fruits

    Over eating:

    Over eating is one of the most important factors of heart disease because due to over eating we gain weight and at the end fall in heart attack. Today in US 72 percent of men and 64 percent of women suffer heart disease due to overweight. So control your eating habit and try to eat less.

    Fast food:

    Stop fast food because it contains much oil and produce different health disease just like heart disease and diabetes. So avoid much oil because oil produce fat and contribute to produce cholesterol and blood fats. I prefer you to eat house made things and avoid fast food for healthy life.

    Angry and stress:

    If you always live angry and depress ,this thing increase your blood pressure and blood sugar, lower immunity, slow digestion, and make you feel downright mean. Depression is the main factor of heart disease. So always live happy and over com this critical disease.


    Smoking is the silent killer and we also know about its side effect. We aware that tobacco and cigarette are dangerous for our health and is the reason of many heart diseases but we don’t stop this bad habit. Smoking is the reason of different type of disease just like month throat or lung cancer.

    Skipping breakfast:

    If you do not eat the first day meal that is consequences for your energy levels, weight and blood sugar. When we skip our break fast then our metabolism rate is low which the reason of weight gain. Over weight is the reason of heart attack.


    Those people who have a big habit to drinking alcohol, actually they drink poison. Alcohol is the source of different disease just like liver and mouth, high blood pressure, and depression. Women who are drinking can also develop heart disease, brittle bones, and even memory loss.

    Slipping tables:

    Slipping tables is not good for health and produce various diseases like high blood pressure, and heart attacks. Always remember take natural sleep and avoid slipping tables.

    Over eating salt:

    Some people like to eat over salt and overuse of salt is the risk of high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the main factor of heart attack and stroke, so think about this.

    Lack of exercise:

    Mostly people ignore exercise and they gain weight which is the reason of heart disease. People spoil most of their time stuck in the front of TV and do not exercise. So change his habit and become healthy.

    Skipping vegetables and fruits:

    People like to eat easy things and fast food instead of fresh fruits and vegetables. Vegetables and fruits make your health so good and safe your heart from different disease.

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