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Turkey Visit Visa Fee for Pakistan 2024 Requirements, Price

Posted by Xaibi Sir
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    Above all, Turkey is a historical place of Islamic history and has a lot of destinations for the visitors. Moreover, tourists want to visit this country for employment, outing, and education as well. So, to arrange the tour, Turkey visit visa fee for Pakistan 2024 is a basic from the requirements with other price. Yes, the biggest Islamic universities are also in Turkey. Before entrance, visa is necessary and then you can go. Further, this fall under different categories like visit visa and some others. All prices are stated about Turkey Visa for the guidance of the public. As well, fulfil the all documented requirement, financial statement and application too.

    Turkey Visit Visa Fee for Pakistan 2024:

    For the single entry, the Turkey visit visa fee for Pakistan 2024 is only “Twelve Thousand Rupees”. And for more than one entry, this fee will increase up to 45,000 Rupees. Apart from this, an Eight Thousand Rupees is the application processing fee that charged separately.

    For One Person Entry Turkey Visit Visa Fee is 12,500 Rupees
    For Multiple Entry 45,000

    Imp Note: In case, if yours visa will rejected then the visa fee is not refundable. Means, one will not get this amount back. So, consider the each and every aspect of visa seriously.

    Service Fee

    Normal Application Fee is Eight Thousand Rupees
    Urgent Application Fee is 15,000 Rupees

    Then, the further significant stuff is:

    Turkey Visit Visa Requirements for Pakistan 2024:

    Recently, the Turkey government introduced an electronic Visa and people can apply from home. When you will enter Turkey then electronically verify your Visa. As well read the criteria of the eligible person for a Turkey Visa.

    • An active Passport with 2 empty pages is necessary.
    • Fresh applicant pictures with clear face and with specific white background.
    • For job holder person, real leave letter is must document with salary slip and “Three” months bank statement with the last amount of 7 LAC in the account.
    • The businessman needs to show tax return data with the specific amount in bank account too.

    Give the return ticket proof. Uni or college card for students. Job card (For specific category). The income or property proof(if one apply as business or self employed person)

    • Give the hotel booking reservation receipt.

    overall charges of it

    Turkey Visa Price in Pakistan 2024:

    The rough estimation of Turkey visa price in Pakistan 2024 for visit is 25,000 Rupees for single person and 65,000 rupees for family or multiple peoples.

    After submitting the application and Turkey visit visa fee for Pakistan 2024, next is the processing time that is about 15 to 21 days in a normal routine. During peak days, they take about month to process. There is also chance of rejection of visa. So, don’t book a hotel and also complete your shopping after its completion.

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