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    Ramadan is one of the religious months in Islamic history. The Muslims fast the whole day from the sunset to the dawn and this makes the Muslims purify spiritually and bodily. Muslims also offer the procedure of Sehri for the fast in which they eat so that may not feel any hunger the entire day. However, some of the Sehri recipes are immensely popular among the people. This article discusses the two most famous recipes for the readers.

    Sehri Drink:

    Firstly is the Sehri drink. This drink is immensely healthy for the people and the people would not feel hunger anymore throughout the day. It will keep up the high energy level and this can also be offered to the children and kids for maintaining the fast. For this purpose take a glass of water and add 1 pineapple in it. Take 4 small spoon honey, 2 bananas and 1 egg. Add all the items in a blender and Make the combination of all such ingredients along with Cinnamon powder and serve it to your family members.

    Sheer Khurma

    Second most well known Sehri dish is the Sheer Khurma. It is one of the sweet dishes that are highly recommended on the religious festivals as well as on Sehri. For preparing this dish take 7-8 dates and cut their outer layer and pour them into water. Take a bowl of 1 liter milk and add 10-11 spoons of sugar into it. Now cook the dish fully and add 2-3 table spoons of cooking oil. Now add 6 Green cardamom spoons and 4 spoons of clove and add 10-11 almonds and approximately 12 pistachios in it. After frying them well just take them out and let them dry for some time. Now take 2 glasses of Sawaiyan and crush them completely into small pieces. Following it add all the blended combination of almonds, dates and cardamom into the Sawaiyan along with the milk and heat them on light heat. For making it tastier add Roh Kurma in it and cook it for 20-25 minutes. As it gets prepared serve the dish to the guest and family mates.

    On the whole these two recipes are offered on the day of Sehri that also makes the Muslims Sehri even more special and memorable. So try all these dishes and gain the words of appreciation from the friends and family members.

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