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Precautions during Early Pregnancy Week by Week

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    The topic here we discuss is Precautions during Early Pregnancy Week by Week. The first trimester is very important and considers the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy. During this time a pregnant women should extra precaution because your baby is developing in new life. It’s very necessary for you to understand those precautions you should adopt during you first trimester for the healthy development of your baby. If you wants that you first trimester should be healthy then you follow some precautions here we mention.

    Precautions during Early Pregnancy Week by Week

    Precautions during Early Pregnancy Week by Week

    Precautions during Early Pregnancy Week by Week are given there..

    Regular checkup to a doctor or midwife

    First of all you know that if you feel any problem in you physical changes then you appointment top you doctor for regular checkup. Doctor gives you best advice which you follow during pregnancy and gives you some medicine. An important thing always keep in mind avoid to take any medicine herself because it’s dangerous to your baby health. You should take vitamins with folic acid because it helps you in the development of brain and increase prevention of neural tube defects.

    Healthy diet:

    During your pregnancy you should take healthy food just like fresh fruits and vegetables along with chicken and other healthy things. During this period you need only 500 additional daily calories. Choose those fruits which contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, iron and protein.

    Avoid fast food and bakery items:

    During pregnancy you should avoid to take fast food and bakery things because it all preserved. These are not only harmful for you but its also bad for your baby health. Beside these you should avoid sushi, alcohol, raw or under-cooked meats and unprocessed cheese.

    Milk intake:

    You need milk three times in a day during your pregnancy and this is must with out any excuse. Milk contains a lot of calcium which is good for you baby for developing bones.

    Water in take:

    The American Pregnancy Association recommends drinks more water if you pregnant because water keep the fluids moving throughout your body and it also reduce edema, constipation and fatigue.


    You should do exercise just like walk, not to do heavy work out. Exercise will help you a safe and healthy labor and delivery.


    During the first trimester you need a lot of rest and this is good for your body and mind along with your developing fetus.


    Remember you should not got period during your first trimester because this is not good sign but some women experience a little spotting at the time that they would be menstruating. So you contact o your doctor.

    Here you can find out all information about the first trimester of your pregnancy, so keep in touch with this page.

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