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    Now, one will talk with international friends via call at reasonable rates. Because Ufone International call packages 2024 offer the attractive bucket. Basically, the purpose of this offer is to allow the customers to make the communication to foreign countries as well. In this offer, the users can call to most of operators in the whole world that have been specified by the Ufone. One does not need to worry to find out these operators, because the collaborative partner’s or such other detail is easily obtainable from the official site.

    • Till now, it’s rare that a company will target the entire world. But, yet again Ufone proves their legacy through these wonderful call bundles.

    Ufone International Call Packages 2024:

    So all the Ufone users out there if you have any of your closed ones in a foreign country and if you want to talk it all the time then just get activated with this offer right now. All of the Ufone international call packages 2024 are specially planned whom elaboration is:

    For prepaid, their are four Ufone international call packages that has circled about whole world. So, which ever the country is, you will get advantage from it.

    • Afghanistan Offer
    • IDD Tariff
    • Aadha Ghanta Offer
    • 1 Paisa IDD Offer
    • Middle East, India & Bangladesh Offer
    • IDD Bundle Offer

    Because of much migration of people in between these countries, Ufone has firstly targeted it with the most economical calling rates. These are:

    Ufone Afghanistan Call Packages 2024:

    Without paying the activation charges, one can call at charges of 0.18 per second to any of the Etisalat Afghan telephone number. Meanwhile, their is no need of the code for this package as well.

    Call Charges of a second is “0.18” Rupees( No, restriction of calling length)

    Ufone IDD Call Pacakage:

    This is a heavy Ufone bundle for international call purpose. About every major country is part of this list. That’s why a link in bundle is provided through which the discounted rates will easy to calculate.

    • Review the Bundle and arrange the call without any delay.

    Ufone International Aadha Ghanta Offer:

    Those whose loved ones are in United States (USA) or in Canada and also in UK can contact with them through this Aadha ghanta offer. It’s not a by default offer, so code is required that are:

    For Activation At start, dial or add 22 with the number you call
    Charges 14 Rupees for Half Hour Call
    Note: For United Kingdom only Landline numbers are in their contract

    Ufone 1 paisa IDD Offer:

    Again, this Ufone International Call Package is valid for the above 3 countries(USA,UK, Canada). A large number of students also there, so ufone decides to create options for their parents that they can contact them at cheap rates. Moreover, codes are:

    For Subscription An code *2288# is enough to activate it.
    Charges 1.2 Paisa for one second
    Calling set up fee is 0.15 ( On every call)

    Ufone International Call Packages for UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Iran:

    The Pakistani labor is working in all of names  like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Iran. The rates of Ufone International Call Packages for every of above country is different. The chart will again clear these all things.

    Ufone Call Charges to UAE 3.3 Rupees (Duration of all these packages are 20 Sec) is the Ufone Call Rates from Pakistan to Dubai
    Ufone Call Package for Saudi Arabia 3.3 Rupees
    Ufone Call Rates for Qatar 4.3 Rupees
    For India 1.4 Rupees
    For Kuwait 2.3 Rupees
    For Iran 7.2 Rupees
    Note: All these rates are for 20 Second Duration

    Ufone IDD Bundle Code:

    Every single of this Ufone IDD bundle is compiled with a huge effort. This make this international package very special. Those who regularly use these bundle knows its benefit.

    Ufone Australia Call Package Bundle 1 is: 8 Rupees for 4 Min *2244*1#
    Ufone Call Rates from Pakistan to USA Bundle 2 is: 13 Rupees for  10 Min *2244*2#
    Ufone International Call Packages Germany or Canada Bundle 3 is: 62 Rupees for 60 Minutes *2244*3#
    Ufone Europe Call Package Bundle 4 is: 125 Rupees for 120 Minutes *2244*4#
    Note: These all bundles are allowed for all of described countries For Complete bundle and Charges Detail is: *2244#

    the new bundles

    Before activation of these international call offer, its great to read out the few basics of it. An major portion is also gathered here too. Just spend some time here and pick the bundle which suits more.

    Most of the Ufone international call packages 2024 are very straightforward. We are also sure that by the end of the day you will just love this new offer by Ufone. Actually, from the last many years, they always do work for the easiness of the users.

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