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Get Glowing Skin Homemade Beauty Tips for Oily Dry Skin Care in Winter in Urdu

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    Skin is the most important element of human body that’s why everyone wants to look fair and fresh as well as want a healthy and glowing look. So every person pays more attention on their skin whether they have a fair complexion they want more glow and fairer look. Furthermore, winter is the most stunning and beautiful so it bring cold atmosphere and winds. Moreover, in this season everyone enjoy several kinds of tasty and dry fruits. Cold air causes very serious problems to skin when it is not handled with care. Skin is of several types such as oily and dry skin kinds, each skin type has its own issues. In this type of weather cold air takes off the natural strength from skin and makes it dry. Oily skin is the very sensitive skin we often talk about the marks, patches and pimples due to this type of skin. Moreover during winters instead of other skin types it suffers more dryness. In such cases home remedies are best solution care to keep our skin healthier, fairer and glow during winter season.

    Here are some amazing home remedies beauty tips through which one can get glowing for Dry Skin in winter season.

    • Take 1 tablespoon of orange juice, 2-3 drops of rose water, and few drops of lime juice and add one egg mix this mixture well.
    • Leave this for 15 min apply this mixture on to the face then wash gently.

    For Dry Skin honey is the best thus it is use in almost every beauty product. It leaves our skin and moisturize thus for best and glowing results try to apply honey for 3 min everyday in winters.

    Another very useful remedy for dry skin is to use the Aloe Vera gel in natural form for just 20 min in a day. The gel makes skin glow, beautiful and soft.

    In URDU Tips:


    Tips in Urdu:


    Homemade remedies for Oily Skin are also very effective to use. For oily skin, egg white is considered the best remedy in winters.

    • It is best to use when apply the egg white onto the whole face and then wash your face gently with the warm water repeat this process twice in a week.
    • Lemon juice is enriched with citric acid when it is mixed with half table spoon of honey and with one tablespoon of milk, makes a mask then apply this onto the face it makes your skin glow for excellent results use this mask one in a week for 10-15 min.

    Yogurt is easily available at home and it contain Lactic Acid, for oily skin it is recommended to use once in a day and then wash it with cool water. Just like lemon juice and yogurt, tomatoes, apples and cucumbers are easily available at home and these are thought the best nourishing things in winters.

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