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PLRA Appointment Online Book, Number

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    First time in Pakistan, PLRA introduce an online booking system as well before visiting people can book an online appointment. Firslty people visit the physical near the PLRA center and then take tokens. People who do not know they are seeking the PLRA Appointment Online Book. This big initiative by the provincial government for the facilitation of the people. Some people want to take fard and some people buy a new property and then do inteqal. So, they just call and book an appointment. Further, info about PLRA Appointment Online Book is given below.

    PLRA Appointment Online Book

    The management of the PLRA appointment online booking system has been started and before the visit must book an appointment and then the administration will give time. You will visit the PLRA center on time. Across Pakistan, this facilitation is available for customer facilitation.

    Contact Number 042-111-222-277
    Official Webpage https://www.punjab-zameen.gov.pk/

    PLRA Appointment Online Book

    PLRA Book Appointment

    Nobody knows about PLRA Book Appointment becasue this function recently started. So, the knowledge of the people must get the firslty appointment. The main benefit of this appointment is you will not wait or stand in line.

    • Visit the official page of PLRA “https://www.punjab-zameen.gov.pk/”.
    • Give the valid info.
    • Click on submit option and your appointment will book.

    PLRA Online Appointment Number

    Now, they have introduced the Number where candidates can get the appoinment on call and a representative of PLRA will give the day and time when you will visit.

    • Call on this number “042-111-222-277”.
    • You will provide all details and then the representative book an appointment.

    All info about PLRA Appointment Online Book is mentioned above. Right now in Punjab Province every district, Punjab Government opens a PLRA system and closes the Patwari system. All property-related documents are computerized. No need to go to the Patwari office just visit or book an online appointment in the PLRA office and get the info according need.

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