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Cinnamon Dalchini Health Benefits in Urdu for Skin Weight Loss Side Effects

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    It is actuality that this is a delicious and also one of the healthiest spices so far on this planet. It can actually lower your blood sugar levels. It can make a reduction in your heart disease. Cinnamon or we can say that Dalchini comes with many health benefits and plus points without a doubt is that they are best for skin and weight loss. It’s also has side effects, that why one must need to know the right way to use it. One can easily translate the whole stuff in Urdu.It is quite productive for all of the both type of diabetic patients. This spice can well manage this disease and it is a blessing for all of them. It can retain your cholesterol level and reduce it up to a maximum extent. It is a must for you to have this spice in your diet.

    • It can to improve and stabilize your glucose level. This spice has wide in number medicinal properties. This is quite cheap and it is fully inducted with the antioxidant properties as well.
    • It can give a protection to your body and save it from the damage which is caused by some free radicals. It can act as a natural food preservative for your food items. It can repair your tissues and fight with the infections in an incredible way. It can treat all kinds of heart diseases. It can well stabilize and retain your blood pressure levels.
    • This is best for reduction of fats in your body. In addition this also plays a role in fairness of skin.

    Side Effects:

    • Excessive consumption of cinnamon can cause the thin of your blood. This little thickness should cause number of problems.
    • You can suffer and face liver damage in a drastic way, if you will take the high dose of Dalchini.
    • This can add this toxicity level in your body if you will consume it in a high amount. Try to have a few mg of this spice on a per day basis.
    • All the pregnant women out there, they should not have this intake because it can lead to uterine contractions.

    herbs advantages

    These all things make it very clear that you can have cinnamon (Dalchini) in your diet. It is productive for your health but you should take it in an appropriate quantity so that you might not face its side effects. This is a blessing but do not make it a curse for you. So be careful about it, and take it in right amount.

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