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Bleeding Gums Home Remedies Treatment Tips in Urdu

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    What are Bleeding gums? They have been referred as a clinical state in which your gums quite appear swollen, and they also bleed while you will be brushing your teeth. It is caused because of poor oral hygiene and other health conditions like that of pregnancy and also vitamin deficiency, it also occur because of weather change or some mouth infection.

    Bleeding gums home remedies can be followed by just consuming

    • Citrus Fruits
    • You can also have Milk
    • Use Baking Soda
    • Clove Oil
    • And also Peppermint Oil

    Chamomile tea! Here from this post, let us all have a look at the bleeding gums home remedies treatment:

    Bleeding Gums Home Remedies:

    Eat Maximum Citrus Fruits

    It is mainly because of the deficiency of Vitamin C that you face this problem of having bleeding gums. You should be eating maximum citrus fruits like that of oranges and lemons, try to have the intake of vegetables like that of broccoli and cabbage, then these items will be giving you the adequate and suitable amounts of vitamin C.

    Use of Clove Oil

    It just helps you reduce this inflammation of your gums, yes, it also stops them from bleeding. You just have to take clove oil and try to rub it on your gums, you can also have other option to chew one or two cloves. This has been quite a cheapest item and if at any time, you see the presence of blood in your gums, then take clove oil, either chew it or rub it on your gums.

    Use of Aloe Vera

    One just take an aloe Vera pulp and then you use it to massage right on effected gums. You have to make sure that the pulp just stay on your gums. By doing this massage thrice or twice a day, you will be having healthy and strong gums sooner.

    Intake of Milk

    It has been quite a rich source of calcium and it also strengthen your gums so it is important for you to drink milk on a regular basis if you want to keep on preventing these bleeding gums. If you will not be drinking milk, then sooner you will face this problem of having bleeding gums.


    Try to Avoid Smoking

    It is a fact that smoking can actually make the condition of your mouth to become anaerobic and this leads to the growth of bacteria in your mouth. Just make your mouth a mouth free of bacteria by avoiding smoking.

    Drink Cranberry and Wheatgrass Juice

    It is a cranberry juice or you can also have a wheat grass juice that can actually give a relief and soothing effect to your bleeding gums. These juices come with antibacterial properties and they just clean your gums from this excess bacterium.

    Gargle with Salt

    If you will also gargle with salt water thrice a day then we are sure that you will not be having any bleeding gums any more! Just take a warm water, add salt in it and do the gargling, this is all, you will be getting healthy gums.

    Intake of Raw Vegetables

    If you will be chewing raw vegetables then you will be able to well clean your teeth and these raw vegetables will be enhancing blood circulation of yours in your gums. Try these bleeding gums home remedies that is not in Urdu but they are easy to understand, they will work out for you!

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