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Disadvantages of Bodybuilding Side Effects in Urdu

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    Body building makes your body strong and powerful. It gives you a handsome physique that you can show off with pride and confidence among your friends and even to attract girls. Disadvantages of Bodybuilding Side Effects in Urdu are easy to understand. But there are some disadvantages and side effects of body building that may lead to severe injuries and can cause even death. Thus, in order to avoid the risks of certain severe damages, you have to pay proper attention to your diet and health. The exercises that you do during workout should be guided and pupervised by the professionals in this field. Here, we have listed the major side effects or disadvantages of body building that are more likely to happen if you show carelessness about your diet, health and work plan. Disadvantages of Bodybuilding in English is given but Side Effects in Urdu are given here soon.

    Dehydration: The excessive exercises and more time spend in work out will definitely cause more sweating which will lead to dehydration of body. It may affect the normal functioning of various organs and body mechanism. So, you have to increase you water intake more than normal 2 liters per day in order to avoid dehydration.

    Risk of Heart attack: The heavy exercises increase the heart beat and sometimes it becomes out of control. Thus, it leads to severe heart stroke which may lead to sudden death of the body builder. So, those body builders who have crossed 40 years of age, must leave the heavy excurses that can increase the heart beat because they may need steroids to control their blood pressure otherwise your views will collapse. There is a certain age of youth to do such heavy exercises after that avoid them and do just light cardio exercises to keep good heart and health.


    Lack of body fat: Body building exercises burn the body fat. This continuous process eats up whole of the body fat. The instructors do not usually know how important the fats are human body. Some body builders use the fat brining supplements that make the organs weak and unable to work properly. Burning fats is only good for those who have excess of Ft but not for those who have just the essential fats in their body. Thus, proper guidance to require to know what type of fat is necessary for body and what type of fat has to be cut off.

    Heart damage: The body building sometimes challenges the normal blood circulatory system. The steroids used by the body builders increase the bad cholesterol of body and decrease the quantity of good cholesterol. Both these things can damage the vital organ, heart that cannot be replaced and recovered easily.

    Collapse of central nervous system: Some exercises directly tagger the nervous system and metabolism of your body. Which can damage your nervous system badly?

    The are a lot more disadvantages and side effects of body building that can surely be avoided by following the healthy diet plan and consulting instructor for exercises.

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