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How to Gain Weight Quickly Tips to Increase Fast in Urdu

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    Being slim and smart is ideal of everyone but being skinny or bonny is not desirable. How to Gain Weight Quickly Tips to Increase Fast in Urdu for all those that are more slim and for them its necessary to have some fat on body. You may be surprised to know that it is some times harder to gain weight for a skinny person than to lose weight for a fat person. There are some people who have chicken legs and extremely thin skeleton and they try hard to put on weight by eat too much but all in vain. Here are some workable tips for such people to help them out in gaining weight quickly and healthy.

    Eat 6 meals a day: It is advisable for everyone but is highly recommended for those who want to gain weight. Eating often does not mean that you should eat junk food or sugar. Your aim to gain healthy weight, not to add extra fat in your body. You should add a lot of protein and crabs in your diet. You can take nuts, peanut butter, shakes, cheese and milk. Avoid soft drinks and sodas that are unhealthy for you. Take warm milk with honey in the morning before eating breakfast. Start eating bed time snakes.

    Eat high protein diet: Protein is a building block of human body, bones, muscles and skin. Protein rich diet is an intelligent choice for weight gainers. Food that is rich in protein includes milk, eggs, meat, fish etc

    Add crabs in your diet: Crabs are the major source of energy for human body. Add crabs in your diet to gain muscle pasta, potatoes, whole grain and brown rice are rich in crabs.

    Late night dinner: You can just change your eating time to increase your weight. Eat late at night. It will increase your body mass.


    Weight gain exercise: Join a gym to work out for weight gain exercises. These exercises will not only keep you healthy but also add muscles to you bonny structure.

    Indulge in yoga: There are particular yoga postures that can increase body weight. Toy these yoga postures. Beginning from easy to maintain and then do some complicated yoga exercise especially recommended for weight gains.

    These tips in Urdu will hopefully increase your How to Gain Weight Quickly within few months. The best thing about these tips is that they will also keep you healthy and energetic.

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