Honda 125 New Model 2024 Release Date, Price in Pakistan

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    A dream vehicle for all bike lovers, this is stylish, too fast and importantly its sound is the most attractive one. An report about Honda 125 new model 2024 release date with the increasing price in Pakistan is recently circulated. Although for a long time, it’s the highest cost bike from his category till people love it. Hope so in near future, it’s shape will also improve. For current model, only Black and Red colors will expect in this special motorcycle. But sure some graphics will change that differentiates it from the previous model.

    • In the recent bikes, they improve their petrol efficiency but till customer demand more than this one. As the rider is their first priority so once again Honda tries their level best to fill their every requirement.

    Honda 125 New Model 2024 Release Date:

    • Despite of many suppositions, formally the launch of Honda 125 new model is in January 2024. But maybe few dealer bring it in the market before it for the display purpose.

    This year new taxes are imposed so maybe this will affect the price. But they prove that their products are becoming lifetime assets for their happy life.

    Honda CG 125 Price in Pakistan 2024:

    Almost “235,000 Rupees” is the Honda 125 Price in Pakistan 2024. But, the final call will ring in few days and it also impact on the old models too.

    Another additional thing that will come this time is One year Warranty, now the company is responsible for one year in case of any technical fault. This is the biggest offer to satisfy the customer, so one never needs to worry.

    Basic Features:

    • New graphics that are more attractive.
    • Front and Backlights will swap.
    • Maybe now the fuel average will touch 45 Km Per Liter.
    • With the new Tech Engine, it will work for a long time.

    Current Model Price:

    • It is only 235,000. Rupees

    Honda 125 New Sticker 2024

    The new pics of Honda 125 for the 2024 model are mostly uncovered. So, plz wait for just a while and check its wonderful picture.

    • Last model Sticker while new update soon:

    125 latest pics

    Honda 125 Fuel Average

    Many riders looking for Honda 125 Fuel Average that is approximately 40 to 45 KM under one-liter petrol.

    • Accessories:

    They always gives different accessories with Honda cg 125 but complete info about them yet not exist. Further, if you want then visit the nearest honda shop.

    • Engine Oil Capacity:

    For just only Honda 125 company offer specific engine oil but some people satisfied with other oil companies. So, engine oil capacity is 1 liter.


    list of feature

    Honda 125 On Installment:

    Yes, Honda 125 is available on installment Because MCB Bike Installment Plan is available and people can avail of this bike on installment.

    So lovers of this bike in Pakistan never tough of its little high price, during these months they are looking forward to releasing date and pictures of the new model 2024 Honda CG 125 that when they have come and they change their old bike with this upcoming model. This bike must fulfill your dream and the remaining requirements must fill upon this arrival. Hope so one will enjoy a more comfortable ride on it because of the advanced addition in it.

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