Honda CG 125 New Model 2018 Release Date Price in Pakistan Pictures

A dream vehicle for all bike lovers, this is stylish, too fast and importantly its sound is most attractive one. Although from long time its highest cost one from his category but till people loves it. Now as 2018 will begin after couple of month, with this Honda will also ready to launch new model of CG 125, hope so with few days it pictures expected price in Pakistan and release date will also declare. Once more time only Black and Red colors will expect in this special motorcycle. But sure some graphic will change on Taki and Tappy that differentiate it with previous model. Mean while again company will work to make it more fuel efficient. Although in recent period of time they improve its petrol efficiency but till customer demand more then this one. As rider is their first priority so once again company tries their level best to full their every requirement.

Another additional things that will come this time is One year Warranty, now company is responsible for one year in case of any technical fault. This is biggest offer to satisfy the customer, so one never needs to worry.

125 latest pics


  • New graphic that are more attractive.
  • Front and Back lights will swap.
  • May be now fuel average will touch 60 Km Per Liter.
  • With new Tech Engine it will work for long time.


  • This new model 2018 Honda 125 are not available right now, previous model is available in just only 10, 6000.

Release Date:

  • Till Not Come


list of feature

This year new taxes are imposed so may be this will effect on price. But they proves that’s their products are becomes the lifetime assets for their happy life. So lover of this bike in Pakistan never tough of its little high price, during these months they are looking forward for release date and pictures of new model 2018 Honda CG 125 that when they are come and they change their old bike with this upcoming model. This bike must fulfill your dream and the remaining requirements must filled in this arrival. Hope so now one will enjoy more comfortable ride on it because of advance adding in it.

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