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Best Family Lawyers in Karachi for Divorce and Child Custody

Posted by hasnain sial
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    A lawyer is always important for a community because they have deep knowledge of laws. Now according to knowledge lawyers are further divide in multiple categories. Here we talk about some best family lawyers in Karachi for divorce and child custody. Now this occupation is not only limited to a degree because a degree is not enough to put a strong case. At this point again hard works makes difference, a deep search always matter in this occupation. For a good lawyer it’s too much important that one must consistent, with hard work another thing that makes difference is experience that come with consistency and passage of time. Moving towards the point that is major to discuss about top family lawyers in Karachi that deals with divorce as well child custody matters. As one knows that Karachi is one giant city of Pakistan and according to population this is also one big city. Due to this number of family case are rise on daily bases in this city, in this situation a big lawyer’s community also gives their services. So in this community again lawyers are integrate and among these few top names are given that family specialist.



    Nawaz Osmani Law Associates

    • Phone 0321-2770225

    Abid Qureshi Law Associates

    • Phone +92 21 2215477

    Abdul Muqtadir Khan and Associates

    • Phone +92 21 34890849

    Falcon Law Associates

    • Phone +92 21 35381429

    Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates

    • Phone +92 321 205 7582

    RG Law Associates

    • Phone +92 (300) 922-4579

    Iqbal International Law Services

    • Phone +92 21 32766968

    If one sees the nature of these two cases that are divorce and child custody then they are almost of same type. Due to uncertain happening if day arrive for divorce and it will going to court then child custody automatically attach with it. So in order to get decision in your favor it’s important that one must get services of a good lawyer. If one is right or wrong, in both of cases a lawyer is too much important to win the case. The give list includes some best family lawyers in Karachi that deal for divorce and child custody hopefully they must gives you a good advice.

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