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    Because of few disturbances, a lot of people in Pakistan want to move to a foreign Country. For this best option are visa free countries for Pakistani passport holders 2024 where the entry on arrival is possible. Although now few countries from this list have changed their policies; but still they have a safe corner for the nationals of this country. It’s not necessary that one must be shifted there, these part of the world has some best tourism places so one has the option to visit them. But be careful in selection because their situations are also not too ideal. So its all depend on you, that how much risk you will afford. So its all depend on your decision that one will want to move to some other place or not.

    Note: Number of people think that one just needs to buy a ticket to visit these countries; up to some extent this is true. They just termed it Visa Free Countries for Pakistani, otherwise one need to full fill all documents and another requirement. But these are easy to follow.

    • Currently, Dominica is the best option to visit through this policy.

    Visa Free Countries For Pakistani Passport Holders 2024:

    Name of the visa free countries for Pakistani passport holders 2024 are starting from the Dominica. Apart form this, the other few countries are:

    • Vanuatu
    •  Haiti
    • Trinidad and Tobago
    • Micronesia
    • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    Undoubted local citizens consider that their life can be violated at any time in Pakistan. Even parks are not safe, once there was a time when these type of places were the main source of enjoyment and refreshment for everyone but the situation has changed now.

    another list

    Moreover, media is showing a bad image. Hence, people travel to other countries to have a healthy and safe lifestyle. Its all depend on safety where one feel more comfortable.

    • Note: Maybe, few of countries has changed their roles and not allowing visa on arrival.


    Asian State Countries:

    few name

    The stability position of the countries in the above list is not an ideal one. Although, right now Sri Lanka is a good option, but now they changed a number of things in their visa policies.

    Oceanica State Countries:

    name of State

    These all are the visa free countries option for Pakistani passport holders 2024 on which one can enter their identity on arrival. For the information, there are about 36 countries which do not make this requirement to have a visa from a Pakistan. So you will try any of them.

    In few of these countries, there is no peace of mind. People have to pay a huge amount of bill, taxes, and bribe for their living. People are pulling legs on every matter whereas in abroad countries people are more concern about their lives. Hence, everyone wants peace of mind from such poor rules. Moreover, the option of the entry on arrival of all of these visa free countries For Pakistani passport holders 2024 is very good for those who want to spend few days in some other country and also interested in their heritage as well.

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